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Who Adopts Mobile Technology First?

Latinos tend to use Twitter, cell phones and e-readers earlier and more than the general population

Hispanic male flying on an iPad rocket, early adopters of technology and social media

Photo by: C.J. Burton

En español | Nook or Kindle, iPhone or Android. Are you confused? Hispanics aren't. Recent studies reveal that Latinos are among the fastest adopters of new technology. Some 18 percent of Hispanics, compared to 5 percent of non-Hispanic whites, use Twitter. Statistics for Facebook, texting, cell phones, e-readers and tablets follow similar trends.

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Why they buy more devices than the general population isn't clear, but experts say the immediacy and interactive nature of social media holds special appeal. "Latinos tend to cultivate a robust community and are often in touch with relatives and friends from this country and abroad," says CNN and Univision commentator Maria Cardona. "Using social media is an important way for them to stay connected."