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5 Women Honored by U.S. Mint

Zitkala-Ša was an activist for the rights of Native people



Celebrate Heroes and Heritage

Sheila Lopez’s Children Helped Her Achieve ​Acceptance

Recognition of two-spirit people resonates in the LGBTQ community

​Native American Novelist on Living 'in a Haunted Age”

​Pulitzer Prize winner Louise Erdrich on navigating Native American and white Cultures​​​​

First Native American Cabinet Secretary Makes Her Mark

U.S. Secretary of Interior Deb Haaland including Native people in the conversation

8 Essential Films of the Native American Experience

Step beyond stereotype and toward truths with these dramas, documentaries and comedies

A Navajo Code Talker Plays A Vital Role in Winning WWII

After enlisting at 17, Thomas Begay dedicated his whole life to public service

Veterans’ Voices

These Veterans Fought for Our Freedom

For many of these Americans, serving their country is a family tradition

Here’s Why So Many Native Americans Serve Our Nation

Descendants of the first Americans join the military at higher rates than any other group

AARP Launches Newsletter for Veterans and Their Families

A free twice-monthly newsletter that salutes your service and celebrates your contributions


Outreach, Training Needed to Help Minority Caregivers

Research, training and outreach is needed to better equip Native American communities

When Cultural Styles Clash During Caregiving

Prevent conflict by having a greater awareness of how cultural influences can impact family caregivers


Flu Hospitalization Risk Higher for Minorities 

Health experts urge all adults to get the flu shot this year

This Is What a Breakthrough COVID Infection Feels Like

Despite being vaccinated, they got COVID-19. Here's what their symptoms were like

How Race and Ethnicity Impact Alzheimer's Care, Perceptions

Differing views of dementia from Blacks, Hispanics, Whites, Asians and Native Americans

Expanding Medicare Eligibility Could Help Reduce Disparities

New study finds that coverage gaps for minority groups narrow at age 65

Fewer Native Americans Getting Heart Disease

Study also sees deaths related to heart disease decline for American Indian men

Money & Jobs

Businesses Everywhere Are Looking for Help

Here’s what you need to know and how to take advantage of all the job openings

How to Get Certified as a Minority-Owned Business

Certification can open access to government contracts and other types of support

Age Bias in Hiring Hurts Midcareer Workers Worldwide

Many recruiters perceive younger candidates as better fit, international survey finds


Video Spotlight

COVID Survivor Documents Her Illness on Facebook

Carol Todecheene used Facebook to keep her friends updated as she fought the virus

Telehealth Would Aid Rural, Native American Areas

A daughter talks about the struggles caring for her father 400 miles away on a reservation

Delaware Nation Uses Grant to Build Community Garden

Money from AARP award allowed volunteers to plant in raised beds in time for next growing season

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