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    AARP Fraud Watch Network  

  Protect Your Digital Identity!  

The Dark Web: A Superstore for Identity Thieves

Deep within the internet is a secretive place where criminals buy and sell your private information  

Most Adults Fail to Safeguard Their Personal Data

New AARP survey shows many consumers don't monitor credit online or freeze reports

How Savvy Are You About Identity Theft?

Take our quiz and find out what you should be doing to protect yourself

Take These Action Steps

Freeze Your Credit

It’s now free under a new federal law

Use a Password Manager

Prevent hackers from accessing your personal data

Monitor Your Bank Accounts

10 ways to protect your savings, checking and credit

Learn to Be Your Own Hero

Use the tips & tools from the Fraud Watch Network

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The AARP Fraud Watch Network  can help you protect yourself and your family from frauds and scams. Call our free helpline at 877-908-3360 to speak with volunteers trained in fraud counseling. More resources:

More Fraud News

How Companies Are Tracking Your Data

Businesses and others are regularly gathering information about you — wherever you are

Scammers Use Phone Calls to Prey on Voters

Beware of con artists seeking political donations and personal information 

Scammers Are Coming After Home Buyers

Fraudsters are impersonating employees to get your sensitive information

FTC Warns of Bitcoin Blackmail Scam 

Letters target men and threaten to reveal 'secrets' unless fees are paid

Scam Calls Are 'Epidemic' — and Getting Worse

A new report says nearly half of mobile calls will be fraudulent by next year 

How to Make Sure a Veterans Charity Is Not a Scam

Use these expert tips to get informed before you make a donation

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