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The Aging Workforce

AARP's Scott Frisch and Financial Resilience experts Susan Weinstock and Ramsey Alwin are discussing with Harvard Business Review what an aging workforce means for workers and companies alike. 

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How to Boomerang Back to Your Old Job

There's a high demand for talented workers

Age Discrimination


3 Supreme Court Cases That Could Affect Older Workers

Age discrimination, disability benefits and mandatory arbitration are some of the key issues

A fire fighter standing next to a fire truck

Firefighters Win Suit in U.S. Supreme Court

In a unanimous decision, justices say federal law protects older workers in small government agencies

man and woman sitting at conference table

Age Discrimination Common in Workplace, Survey Says

AARP finds that older adults stay employed for financial reasons but also seek fulfillment and respect

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Employer Pledge Program

Employers Looking for You

National effort to help employers solve their current and future staffing challenges and direct job seekers to employers who value and are hiring experienced workers

Work-Life Balance

Man doing work on living room floor

Boomers Find Satisfaction, Independence as Freelancers

They are nearly half of the workforce

man using smartphone on beach

Most Boomers Don’t Let Work Intrude While on Vacation

They usually don't check in while they’re away

man working at a computer at a kitchen table

Telecommuters Are More Likely to Be Boomers

Telecommuters tend to make more money

Work-Focused AARP Programs & Resources

AARP Foundation: Back to Work 50+

AARP Foundation creates lasting opportunities for struggling older adults. Job search programs provide training and resources to help you get back on track and find a new job.

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