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Family Finds Purpose Educating Community About COVID Risks

They're on a mission to get people to take coronavirus precautions seriously


Edna Kane-Williams on COVID-19 and Minorities

AARP's senior vice president for multicultural leadership fights for all older Americans


Need Help? Discover AARP Community Connections

Website links volunteers and older adults with the resources they need



As Friends Died of AIDS, Sheryl Lee Ralph Got Involved

'People wanted to act like it wasn't happening,' actress says in 30th year of activism


Who Do You Miss Most During This Isolation We Must Endure?

Jacqueline Burgess, 70, of Lake Wales, Florida, wants to see her three daughters who live out of state

Are You Confused About Driving in a Roundabout?

You're not alone, but AAA's Kurt Gray says a few simple rules can get you through confidently


What You Need to Know About Today's TV Streaming Choices

BET+ with dramas, movies and sitcoms featuring Black culture is among a new wave of options

Tuskegee Airman Gets Wish to Help Dyslexic Students

Frank Macon overcame learning struggles to fix and fly planes for the U.S. military


Civil Rights & History

Older Activists Make Voices Heard in March on Washington

'They're excited because they're seeing a change' — 57 years after 1963's 'I Have a Dream' speech


Black Women Had to Fight for Right to Vote, Recognition

They were suffragists combating both racism and sexism long after the 19th Amendment was passed

How These Older Americans Are Demanding Change

Spurred on by the death of George Floyd, 46, they are marching — even with worries about COVID-19


Pastor Reframes Civil Rights Movement for Modern Times

Five injustices, including poverty and racism, hold back U.S. potential, the Rev. William Barber II says

Myrlie Evers-Williams Faces Racial Unrest Head-On

Former NAACP Chair on how America can reach its promise of freedom, equality


11 Fascinating Southern Stops Along the U.S. Civil Rights Trail

Visit the sites, many outdoors, where ordinary citizens like John Lewis fought injustice, made history

Coronavirus Pandemic

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Sisters From AARP

Welcome to the free, weekly newsletter that celebrates black women and their friendships


Join us in a new conversation about how we want to live as we age


Black Heart Patients Get Less Early Treatment, Die More

Race may influence the care that African Americans are provided, study finds. And insurance plays a part


8 Great Reasons to Get Started Walking — Now

You can trim your waistline, sleep better and learn more reasons to get your body moving

Blacks' Lung Cancer Rate No Longer Exceeds That of Whites

African Americans have cut back on smoking in the past 60 years, especially Gen Xers and younger


Where You Live at 50 Could Determine How Long You Live

AARP report finds access to health care, housing, jobs matters most at midlife

How Cultural Influences Can Affect the Way You Give Care

Be conscious of the differences and so you can find common ground with the person you're caring for


Stressed Out? Try This Beginner's Guide to Meditation

Focusing your mind in this way can alleviate anxiety, slow aging, and improve your attention span


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TV, Movies & Music

You're Invited to AARP's Free Online Dance Party

Celebrate the holiday season with Dionne Warwick, the O'Jays and more

The Essential Guide to Playwright August Wilson

Discover this treasure trove of plays exploring the Black experience from the 1900s to the 1990s

Whoopi Goldberg on the Role She's Always Wanted

The star of the new version of the thriller "The Stand" shares her secret dream

Viola Davis Finds a Powerful Voice to Fight Racism, Poverty

Oscar-winning actress has new movie, confidence


17 Essential Films About Our Expansive Black Experience

Black life in America isn't a singular culture

11 Black Filmmakers You Should Know (and Will Love)

Up your watch list game with these essential directors


The 5 Best Spike Lee Films You Haven't Seen — But Still Can

Explore more of the great American filmmaker's work

Courtney B. Vance on Race and Life With Angela Bassett

He has new HBO series, 23-year Hollywood marriage


50 Years Ago Diana Ross Earned Her First Solo Hit

'Ain't No Mountain High Enough' topped Billboard

Book Excerpts

'Big Friendship' Illustrates the Awesome Power of Pals

Two BFFs explore challenges of deep, lasting bonds

Excerpt: First Chapter of 'The Vanishing Half' Sets the Stage

Must-read new fiction about racism from Brit Bennett

Terry McMillan’s New Novel Focuses on Friends in Their 60s

Fall in love with story from ‘Waiting to Exhale’ author

Video Spotlight

Veteran Battles PTSD Because of Motorcycle Suicide Bomber

His mother is his caregiver and biggest advocate

Work Out in 10 Minutes: Find a Chair to Improve Your Balance

Our series with Bryant Johnson will get you moving

Alfre Woodard: 'Everybody Needs a Wave Right Now'

Love spreads faster than COVID-19, the actress says

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