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Keeping Beauty Real: Media's Missed Opportunity?

Pressure to look young and beautiful is real for American women, but a new AARP survey shows that some are pushing back on those expectations as they age.

Older Adults Support Paid Leave for Workers

Three-quarters (76%) of older adults want Congress to expand paid leave for workers, including coverage for care of minor children and adults or friends.

Crime and Costs Motivate Houston Voters 50+

Houston voters 50+ want 2023 mayoral candidates who will address crime and safety, economic challenges such as jobs and inflation, and rising utility costs.

AARP Vital Voices Research, 2022–2024

AARP Vital Voices Research explores the needs and interests of the 45+ population across the states.

AARP Vital Voices: Priority Issues for U.S. Women 45+

Women's views on their financial standing, security, and the future of American women 45-plus, as part of AARP Research's larger Vital Voices research.

Adults 50+ Could Be Better Prepared for Natural Disasters

Most older adults (59%) feel prepared for a natural disaster, but few use technology to help them prepare for and stay informed during an emergency.

The Cost of Giving: Family Caregivers' Mental Health

Caregiving strains mental health, especially for women and young adults, but provides a sense of purpose. Coping involves self-care and formal support.

The Altruism–Clinical Trials Participation Disconnect

This study of U.S. adults ages 18-plus found that about one-fifth are familiar with clinical trials and about six in 10 say they would participate in one.

The Brain Health–Hearing Connection: Public Needs and Opportunities

This study explored older adults' attitudes about hearing health and hearing loss and it's connection to brain health, dementia, and depression.

Interesting Stat

Among those who exercise 150 minutes per week, 61% find they better manage stress.

People Know Exercise's Benefits, Less About How Much They Need

Did You Know?

Voters 50-plus will be the deciding voter bloc in the battle to control the next Congress.

Issues, Not Party, Could Make the Difference in Battleground States

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