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Research on issues and topics of particular interest to the 50+.

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State-specific survey results and fact sheets concerning the 50+.


Selected AARP Research datasets are available for secondary analysis.

COVID Trends

COVID-19 research focusing on the pandemic's impact on older Americans.

Recently Released

Walking: Attitudes and Habits of Adults Aged 50 and Older

An examination of the types of walking adults age 50 and older engage in and views of the benefits of and barriers to walking.

AARP Vital Voices Research, 2022–2024

AARP Vital Voices Research explores the needs and interests of the 45+ population across the states.

She's the Difference: Survey of Likely Voters 50+, October 2022

With Election Day just weeks away, a new AARP survey of women likely voters age 50+ explores this critical demographic.

U.S. Caregivers' Use of Technology to Help with Caregiving

Most caregivers are comfortable with technology, and three-quarters are interested in using technology to assist with caregiving.

2022 Unemployment: Short Term and Long Term

Unemployed older adults encounter age discrimination during their job search, regardless of how long they're been unemployed.

Grandparents Are Gamers, Too — Especially Grandmothers

Grandparents play video games for fun, not just to connect with family. Most play solo, and grandmothers are the most avid gamers.

Workplace Wellness Among Workers 50-Plus

Workers returning to the workplace are prioritizing their overall well-being.

Low-Income Living in America: A Story of Adversity and Resilience

Despite multiple financial challenges, low-income adults are resilient and happy with their lives, according to an AARP national survey.

Worried, Invisible, and Unheard: Women Voters 50-Plus Speak Out

She's the Difference focus groups reveal concerns and opinions of women voters age 50 and over. Most feel unheard and unseen by politicians and in public life.

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