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man in mask walking outside

Study Ranks the Best and Worst Materials for Face Masks

Some coverings work better than others when it comes to blocking virus spray




Gloved hands giving a flu shot in a patient's arm

Major Retailers Offering Flu Shots This Year

Find out where you can get vaccinated around the country

man having a nasal swab test done by a medical provider

The Hidden Dangers of a Negative Coronavirus Test

Testing too soon can generate a false sense of security and perpetuate virus spread

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white line

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AARP Explains: What to Know About the Coronavirus

How it spreads, symptoms to watch out for and vaccine development

Doctor pointing to a model of an eye while a male patient watches. Both are wearing face masks.

Do You Have Glaucoma? Know the Symptoms, Take Our Quiz

Understand the signs of this age-related disease that can lead to blindness

Display case of frozen meats with a sign saying frozen meat above the freezers.

USDA Warns About Dangers of Frozen Foods

Many Americans are unaware of risks posed by improper preparation, handling

bowl of ramen noodles with mushrooms and chicken

CDC Links Salmonella Outbreak to Mushrooms

Most victims became ill after eating ramen from restaurants

A doctor filling a syringe.

When — and Where — to Get Your Flu Shot

Experts say the flu vaccine is key to avoiding a 'twindemic' with coronavirus

Man clutching his chest

This Is What a Panic Attack Feels Like

Six middle-aged and older adults detail the frightening and often debilitating symptoms

woman in mask holding her face

When Coronavirus Symptoms Refuse to Go Away

In some patients, the effects of COVID-19 linger long after the infection fades

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vision check device attached to a smartphone

New Tests and Technology Can Help Save Your Sight

Open your eyes to these bright new solutions

doctor talking to male patient in hospital room

Rates of Advanced Prostate Cancer Have Climbed

Study: Increase in late-stage disease for men 50+

man wearing headset participating in videoconference call on laptop.

Videoconferencing Tips for People With Hearing Loss

A few adjustments can make virtual meetings easier

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