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closeup photograph of N95 air filter mask.

Are Face Masks Really Effective at Preventing Illness?

Proper handwashing may be a better line of defense against coronavirus, flu


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Interior of lobby and Sibley Hospital in Washington DC

5 Ways Hospitals Will Change in Next Decade

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woman checks her blood pressure with an at home monitor

Assessing Women's Risk from High Blood Pressure

New research suggests they could benefit from earlier treatment

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A woman with grey hair rubbing her eye to wipe away tear

What's Causing Your Puffy Lids and Watery Eyes?

There are a range of reasons and treatments for swelling and irritation

A personal perspective view of a man holding a cheeseburger over a table

Poor Diet Linked to Eye Disease Risk

Study offers more reasons to limit processed foods, fatty meats and dairy

An illustration that shows a healthy eye on the left and an eye suffering from pink eye on the right

What to Know About Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye

How to get relief from the common, contagious infection

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