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What Is Medicare?

How the federal insurance program helps older Americans afford the health care vital to their well-being




AARP Answers: Medicare and the Coronavirus

The latest on free testing, telehealth, elective surgeries and more

Expanding Medicare Could Help Reduce Health Disparities

New study finds that coverage gaps for Blacks and Hispanics narrow at age 65

How Older Workers Make Medicare Mistakes

Big penalties and bills could follow if you make the wrong moves


Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage

Which path you take will determine how you get your medical care — and how much it costs

Medicare Expands Telehealth Services During Outbreak

Virtual doctor visits limit exposure risk and can slow spread of coronavirus

Webinar: How 2021 Changes Affect Costs and Coverage

Join a free session with Medicare experts on Tuesday, September 28 at 7 p.m. EDT

Medicare Basics

Understanding Medicare’s Four Basic Parts

A guide to hospital, doctor, Medicare Advantage and prescription drug care

7 Things That Medicare Does Not Cover

You’ll need to plan ahead to pay for some common medical expenses

Do You Know How Much Medicare Costs?

Monthly premiums, other out-of-pocket expenses can add up

Medigap Plans Help Bridge Gap of Original Medicare Costs

Supplemental insurance will cover some deductibles and copays

What You Need to Know About Part D Prescription Drug Plans

How to make sure that the medicines you are taking are covered

Medicare Advantage Plans Adding Benefits for 2020

Extras can range from nutrition visits to even cleaning your carpet

Combining Medicare and Medicaid Can Save You Money

Becoming a ‘dual eligible’ can help with out-of-pocket medical expenses

How Much Do You Know About the Medicare Program?

Take this quiz and discover how knowledgeable you are about the health insurance program

Following the Rules

10 Common Medicare Mistakes to Watch Out For

How to avoid financial penalties and picking the wrong plan

Medicare Makes It Easier to Compare Care Online

New interactive tool searches doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, rehab, hospice and more

Medicare Eligibility: Do You Know if You Qualify?

Here are the requirements to be eligible for health care coverage

Does Medicare Pay For ...

Video Spotlight

Tools and Resources

Medicare for Dummies — Get the Benefits You Deserve

In "Medicare For Dummies," AARP’s Medicare expert helps you navigate the confusing maze

How Much Do You Know About Medicare?

Take this quiz and discover how knowledgeable you are about the health insurance program

AARP’s Medicare Question and Answer Tool

Fast access to the questions you have about how the program works

Latest Medicare News

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