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Counseling Older Latinas Improves Their Heart Health

12-week intervention program in San Diego motivated women to get moving, could inspire other programs


Speaking Second Language Daily May Benefit Brain Health

13 percent of Americans speak Spanish at home

Are You Confused About Driving in a Roundabout?

Instructor Jose Hernandez has few simple rules

Used to Big? How to Enjoy Downsized Holiday Meals

Less cooking puts family in focus — even virtually

The Economy

Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus Hot Spots Hit Hispanics Hard

South and West now in the spotlight

Per Capita, More Hispanics Have Died

Studies show heavy toll on minorities

CDC Expands Risk List for Severe COVID

Agency removes age 65 lower limit

Older Minorities More Likely Hospitalized

Medicare data shows racial disparities

Severe Cases More Likely in Some States

Age of residents, health are big factors

Gaps in Health Care Amplify the Dangers

Why some communities suffer more

Vaccine Trials Lacking Many Minorities, 50+

Ideal would be 40% of participants

TV & Movies

These Celebrities With Latino Roots Might Surprise You

12 famous names share Hispanic heritage

Documentary 'Herb Alpert Is ...' More Than His Highs, Lows

Trumpeter, now 85, took up painting, philanthropy

12 Latinx Directors Behind Films You May Already Know

Far more than the '3 Amigos of Cinema,' amigas, too


Linda Ronstadt on the Influence of Her Musical Roots

She received AARP-sponsored Legend Award

Poncho Sanchez on Why Latin Jazz is the Best of Both Worlds

Latin flavor, American standards meld into greatness

Gloria Estefan on 'Rescuing' Some of the Cuban Sound

Grandmother secretly sent her record collection


Caregivers to Vietnam-Era Veterans Eligible for VA Money

Veterans who served on or before May 7, 1975, can apply for a monthly federal stipend to stay at home

2 Latina Veterans Reflect on the Lessons They've Learned

Inspiring stories of good and bad times, sacrifice and public service in the armed forces

The Gomez Family Discusses Pride, Race in the Military

Military service runs deep and spans multiple generations for this family with Puerto Rican roots

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Join us in a new conversation about how we want to live as we age

Video Spotlight

Certified Nursing Assistant is Helping Facility's Patients Heal

Arizona, where she works, has seen a spike in cases

Work Out in 10 Minutes: Practice Yoga From Your Chair

Our series with Lorraine Ladish will get you moving

Founder of Latino U College Access Supports Teens

Group helps students navigate financial aid system


6 Ways to Keep Socializing Outdoors as the Weather Chills

Warm up your entertainment space as weather cools

Mother-Daughter Relations Are Thriving During Pandemic

Quarantine activities spur deeper conversations

Save Seeds Now to Avoid a Shortage in the Spring

This increasingly popular practice is easy, affordable

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