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Learn to Tweet a Photo with Twitpic

1.   You can find many online sites for sharing your personal photos, but the most popular (especially for mobile phone uploads) is Twitpic. I use Twitpic from my phone and computer, but generally use it for spur-of-the-moment photos only. Photographs that I want as a permanent part of my Facebook page I upload directly to Facebook. You can send mobile uploads to all services, but Twitpic is handy because it’s integrated into Twitter, and it gives the image a shortened URL that you can use anywhere.

2.   Joining is so easy. Type into your Web browser’s address box, and press Enter.

3.   On the Twitpic home page, click the Sign in with Twitter button near the top right.

4.   Type your Twitter ID and password into the appropriate boxes, and click Allow. Doing so gives Twitpic permission to integrate with your Twitter account. You return to your Twitpic home page automatically, and you’re ready to roll.

5.   You can now send a picture in two ways:

          a.   Upload from your computer. If you’re at your computer and the image you want to post is on your computer, this is the easiest way. Just click the Upload Photo link at the top left of the page. Then click the Browse button to find the image on your computer. After you select the picture you want to post online, type a message to accompany it in the Add a Message and Post It text box (what you type appears on the page with your photo). The picture posts with your comment and shortened link to the photo’s page of your Twitter account.

          b.    Email the image. If you’d like to send a picture that you’ve just taken directly from your mobile phone, emailing it to Twitpic is an efficient way to go. When you join Twitpic, you receive an exclusive email address. From the Twitpic home page, click Settings to see your Twitpic email address. Take a moment to input that email address into your smartphone with the name Twitpic, that way it will always be at the ready.

6.    You can track the images you upload by visiting your Twitpic home page. Your images appear in thumbnail form. If you want to delete one, just click the small trashcan next to the image. Click an individual thumbnail to access that photo’s page. The URL of the photo page is the shortened link you can post anywhere on the Web to direct people to that image. Also, at the lower right on the photo page, you’ll see a View counter that tells you how often your photo has been visited.

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