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Create a Facebook Photo Album

1.    Go to your Home page and, from the toolbar at the left, click Photos. This shows you a page with the most recent photos that your friends have uploaded. In the upper-right corner is a link to +Upload Photos. You might expect it to open a page for uploading single images, but instead, it opens the Create Album page.

Clicking the +Upload Photos button will open the Create Album page.

2.   On the Create Album page, give your album a name, type in the location where the photos were taken, put in a description of the photos in the album, and select your privacy setting (for who can see the album).

3.   Click the link to Select Photos. A window opens, showing you the contents of your computer. You can navigate around your computer by clicking the folders to find where your photos reside.

4.   After you find the proper folder, you can begin selecting photos for your album. If you want to use all of the images in a folder, click Select All. If you want to select just a few, click the check boxes for individual thumbnails, one at a time, to select them for upload.

5.   Once you’ve finished picking the images, click Use Selected Photos. This brings you back to the Create Album page. Before clicking Create Album, notice a box that has a check mark that says Publish Automatically.

  • If you leave the check mark where it is, your photos show up on Facebook pages immediately. You can edit the album later with captions and tags if you want.
  • Uncheck this box if you’d rather preview the photos and edit them before they appear on Facebook.

6.   You can edit the album by going to your profile and clicking the Photos link. Scroll down the page and you’ll see your album (or albums).

7.   Click the album you want to edit and you’ll be brought to a page with thumbnail versions of your pictures. Click the link above the thumbnails to Edit Photos, and you’re brought to the Edit page.

8.   Your photos will now show up on your Profile page; if you’ve tagged friends in the photos, those pictures appear on your friends’ Profile pages.

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