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High-Speed Internet Discount Program Broadens Its Reach

Higher incomes, lower-cost plans now qualify

Battery Advances Will Make Charging Less of a Problem

Firms perfecting wireless power, solar shingles

How Apps Can Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

Your phone can help you get fit, meet money goals


Digitize Your Handwritten Notes Into Usable Text

Apps, features transcribe audio, get text from images

Products for Your House That Can Help Lighten Your Mood

Days won't be longer than nights until March 21

What You Need to Know About Buying, Selling Vinyl Records

Answers to 6 questions can indicate collection value


Free Online Classes

Senior Planet from AARP

Free online classes in English, Spanish and Chinese can help you learn more about technology and connect with others for exercising or socializing.

AARP Virtual Community Center

Free interactive classes and events are designed to help you try something new, learn new skills and have a little fun while doing it.

Your Smartphone

19 Things You Didn't Think Your Smartphone Could Do

'Swiss Army knife' of technology offers lots of help

6 Tips to Help You Better Organize Your Apps

Take command of your phone's digital clutter



Your Internet Connection


Your Home

The Best Ways to Print Out a Web Page With Less Waste

Find a recipe that you want on paper? Get what you want and save ink, trees


8 Tech Tools Designed to Deepen Your Sleep

Devices and apps use sensors and more to help usher you to slumberland and monitor your Z's

How to Remove Your Place From Google Street View

For privacy, you can ask Google to blur your house or car’s image in its results


Is It Finally Safe to Get Rid of Your Landline Phone?

With tech advances, 911 problems are resolved, calls are clearer, alternatives are cheaper

6 Reasons You Should Invest in a Surge Protector

Extend the lifespan of your expensive devices with one low-cost purchase



Your Work

Need to Scan a Document? Use Your Smartphone

Either built in or downloaded, these apps have made bulky desktop scanners unneccessary

Do You Need 'Computer' Glasses for Tired Eyes?

What to do (or not) about digital eyestrain, especially as you put in more hours on small screens at home

7 Ergonomic Upgrades Your Home Office Needs

Fend off aches and pains by investing in foot support, an upgraded mouse and keyboard or a standing desk



5 Tips to Take Better Family Photos With Your Smartphone

Some chairs and a stack of books are all you need

5 Tips for Making Check Deposits Via Mobile Phone

Skip trips to bank and post office when you're busy

iPhone Settings to Help You See and Hear Better

These are features already on your device


Can a Robot Be a Companion For Your Older Loved One?

Some say there's no replacement for people or pets

Smartwatches Transform Into Tracking, Emergency Devices

Caregivers, their loved ones can use the new features

What Caregivers Need to Know About Ride-Hailing Apps

Help your loved one get there when you can't drive


Telehealth Care More on Telemedicine


Connect With Us

‘My Online Privacy For Seniors’

AARP’s book offers steps to protect safety and privacy on your cellphones, computers, smart devices

‘The Perfect Scam’

AARP’s podcast series takes you into the minds of con artists, shows you how to protect yourself


Privacy & Fraud

The Definitive Guide to Reducing Annoying Robocalls

Cut back on messages from marketers to scammers

Online Safety Starts With Using a Password Manager

It's your first line of defense against cybercriminals

Free Smartphone Apps Can Have Hidden Costs

Often you pay through sharing your online data


Convenient Mobile Payment Apps Pose Privacy Problems

So use Venmo, Zelle, others wisely to protect yourself

Get a Free Phone Number to Keep Your Real One Private

Give out 'burner' number when people want a contact

Amid Tragedy, Beware of Phony GoFundMe Fundraisers

Spot fake appeals for help before donating online


Your Membership


Today's Hot Deals


Your Pets

Does Your Dog Need a Fitbit? New Wearables Monitor Health

Devices reveal details about pup's activity, too

Gadgets for Pampering (or Protecting) Your Pet

Try this tech for walkies, play, cleaning the litter box

Find Lost Items — or Nearby Cats — With Help From Tech

Trackers can keep tabs on furry items in hiding


Social Media

Surprise! Controversial TikTok App Defies Age Boundaries

How you can use the video-based social network that's popular with teens and younger adults

What Is Clubhouse and Should You Be on It?

Voice — hearing others and using your voice to speak — is the newest social media

How to Bulk Delete or Archive Old Facebook Posts

Here's how to use the new feature, available for app users and coming soon to web browsers


Other Diversions



What Do You Know About the Price of Free Apps, Privacy?

Take this quiz to find out and earn points

How Much Do You Know About Your Smartphone?

Most people use this pocket-sized device daily

Are You as Smart as the Technology in Your Car? 

Test your knowledge of current car safety features 



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