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Personal Technology

Automatic Car Assistant device

Gadgets that Help Make Life Easier

A roundup of new products that can help solve everyday problems

An older couple takes a selfie

5 Fun Ways to Use Your Smartphone Photos

Get the most from your saved memories with these creative ideas

Apple iPhone 8 with Siri on display

Simple Tips for Mastering Siri and Other Voice Assistants

These personal helpers are hanging around a lot more places and ready to make your life easier

Close up of driver hand using touch screen in car

Avoid Driving Distractions With New Car Tech

Understand and learn how to control the latest safety features


A couple sits together on a plane while streaming their favorite tv show on a tablet device

New TV Streaming Options for Watching Your Favorite Shows

Launches of Apple TV+, Disney+ and NBC's Peacock will provide even more options

older man sitting at desk in home office holding a credit card and talking to smart speaker while making an online purchase

Could Your Smart Speaker Be Spying on You?

How to turn off your device to protect your personal information and privacy

Connect With Us

a laptop with security images

‘My Online Privacy For Seniors’

AARP’s book offers steps to protect safety and privacy on your cellphones, computers, smart devices

AARP Perfect scam podcast

‘The Perfect Scam’

AARP’s podcast series takes you into the minds of con artists, shows you how to protect yourself

Video Spotlight

urgonight sleep band, sleep number 360 bed

The (Sleep) Bands Are Back in Town

Data-gathering gadgets you wear to bed were buzzy hits at CES

How to Spot a Scammer on a Dating Website

Here are five red flags to help you spot a fake dating profile and the real fraudster behind it

Aurrigo self-driving car at the 2019 CES Show

Self-Driving Cars Promise Mobility for Everyone

The question from a safety point of view: When will the technology be ready for all?


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