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12 Free Apps You Probably Have or Should Know About

These are among the most popular downloads in Apple's and Google's app stores


Seven Tech Products to Help Loved Ones Age in Place

New technologies for connections, education, food, safety

How to Remove Your House From Google Street View

For privacy, ask Google to blur your house or car’s image

USB? USB-C? Lightning? Making Sense of Connectors

European Commission calls for one style as standard for phones, games, tablets


Your Smartphone

How to Pick the Cellphone Plan That's Best for You

Ways you use your device — calling and texting, browsing the web, streaming — will help you decide

Expensive New Phones Aren't the Only Way to Upgrade

Apple's iOS 15 is available, Android's 12 update will be released soon, and they're both free

5 Great Accessories to Improve Your Phone's Photos

Smartphone cameras are better than ever — but not perfect. These gadgets can help


Do You Need a Smartphone Targeted to Older Adults?

Before buying, figure out your needs — and what you can afford

The Definitive Guide to Reducing Annoying Robocalls

Follow these steps to cut back on automated messages from telemarketers to scammers

Your Internet Connection

How to Use Your Smartphone as a Wi-Fi Hot Spot

To help keep your online activity secure, many newer cellphone plans allow this option

How to Connect Your Mobile Phone to Your Home's Wi-Fi

Cure your problems with weak signal strength, too few bars at the top of your screen

How to Get Fed-Backed High-Speed Internet Discounts

Program still has billions available to cut the cost of getting connected for those in financial need


How Fast Does Your Internet Connection Need to Be?

The number of devices and what you do with them is part of equation for your best speed

What 5G Wireless and Gigabit Internet Mean for You

Faster speeds, yes, but the smart home and internet of things will be built on them


Your Work

Need to Scan a Document? Use Your Smartphone

Either built in or downloaded, these apps have made bulky desktop scanners unneccessary

Do You Need 'Computer' Glasses for Tired Eyes?

What to do (or not) about digital eyestrain, especially as you put in more hours on small screens at home

7 Ergonomic Upgrades Your Home Office Needs

Fend off aches and pains by investing in foot support, an upgraded mouse and keyboard or a standing desk


Your Home

Should TikTok Be Your Next Cookbook?​

Easy recipes, cool kitchen hacks can get you cooking​ with ease

A Backlash Against Tech? Typewriters Are Cool Again

Spurring creativity and attracting younger fans, the popularity of typewriters is on the rise

Smart Fitness Equipment Brings the Gym to Your Home

Seeking to avoid COVID-19, some opt for high-tech exercise systems to get a workout


Your Pets

Does Your Dog Need a Fitbit? New Wearables Monitor Health

Devices reveal details about pup's activity, too

Gadgets for Pampering (or Protecting) Your Pet

Try this tech for walkies, play, cleaning the litter box

Find Lost Items — or Nearby Cats — With Help From Tech

Trackers can keep tabs on furry items in hiding


Video Calling

Apple's FaceTime

Grandparents Learn New Tech

Understanding how to video chat can strengthen relationships with grandchildren during pandemic

Facebook Messenger

Get the Hang of Using Zoom

Instructions for joining and hosting meetings, muting, chatting, screen sharing and more


5 Ways to Video Chat

The pros and cons of Apple FaceTime, Facebook Messenger Rooms, Google Meet, Skype and Zoom


Newest Smartwatches Move Toward Monitoring Health

These added features can keep your heart healthy — and may detect early signs of COVID-19

Smartwatches Transform Into Tracking, Emergency Devices

Caregivers and their loved ones can use the new features on a watch that all ages like to wear

Remote Monitoring Systems Give Caregivers Peace of Mind

'Big Brother' tech helps adult children keep a watchful eye on aging parents from afar


Telehealth Care More on Telemedicine

Telemedicine is Here to Stay

The pros and cons of online health for those over 50

The Doctor Will See You Now

How to schedule your first virtual visit


Three Easy Steps To Connect

Some simple tech and you’re there

A Tale of Two Visits

What to expect when you are sick or well

Getting Appointments Covered

Insurance payments may depend on where you live


Connect With Us

‘My Online Privacy For Seniors’

AARP’s book offers steps to protect safety and privacy on your cellphones, computers, smart devices

‘The Perfect Scam’

AARP’s podcast series takes you into the minds of con artists, shows you how to protect yourself



Privacy & Fraud

These Warning Flags Can Help You Find Fraudulent Apps

From fleeceware to hard-to-cancel subscriptions to malicious code, here's what to look out for

Get a Free Phone Number to Keep Your Real One Private

A 'burner' number can be valuable when people and businesses want a contact

How You Can Spot Scam Texts on Your Smartphone

Take steps to protect yourself from fake mobile messages sent by cybercrooks


How to Use Free Public Wi-Fi, Keep Personal Data Secure

Don't let a hacker spy on your cellphone text messages, laptop browsing and typing of passwords

Amid the Tragedy, Beware of Phony GoFundMe Fundraisers

How to spot fake appeals for help before you make an online donation

Why Your Kids Get Upset When You Share on Facebook

You've created a permanent record online for grandchildren that's out of their control



Your Membership

Social Media

Surprise! Controversial TikTok App Defies Age Boundaries

How you can use the video-based social network that's popular with teens and younger adults

What is Clubhouse and Should You Be on It?

Voice — hearing others and using your voice to speak — is the newest social media

How to Bulk Delete or Archive Old Facebook Posts

Here's how to use the new feature, available for app users and coming soon to web browsers


Other Diversions

TV Streaming Services Guide

It's time to take a look at Apple TV+, BET+, Disney+ and HBO Max and more

Old is New in Video Games

Museums, gaming expos and rereleases of classics offer flashback to teenage years

Get Video on Demand for Free

AVOD services let you choose what TV shows, movies you want to watch at your convenience


10 YouTube Tips and Tricks

These secrets and shortcuts help you get more out of the popular video site

Why You'll Love Hi-Res Sound

Some streaming services will help you remember the hi-fi quality of stereo records

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