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From ‘liquid biopsies’ to precision medicine, these five developments will change cancer care in the next decade. Learn more.

Personal Technology

Embr wristband technology that moderates your temperature

AARP Names Its Innovator in Aging Prize Winner

The device can help those who frequently feel too hot or cold

Man with hearing aid holds cell phone

High-Tech Advances in Hearing Aids

They offer language translation, wireless streaming and more

There is a growing market for apps that help you get to sleep

Bedtime Story Apps Help Users Relax for Better Sleep

Having trouble dozing off? Your phone can read to you


Two hands pictured, one with an Android smartphone the other with an IOS Apple iPhone, with both phones testing an augment reality game.

iPhone or Android: Which Should You Buy?

You have two choices in smartphone operating systems. We compare them

Grandson teaching his grandfather to use the computer and surf the internet.

When and How to Limit a Loved One's Digital Devices

As cognitive issues surface, so do problems in using smartphones, tablets and computers

Connect With Us

a laptop with security images

‘My Online Privacy For Seniors’

AARP’s book offers steps to protect safety and privacy on your cellphones, computers, smart devices

AARP Perfect scam podcast

‘The Perfect Scam’

AARP’s podcast series takes you into the minds of con artists, shows you how to protect yourself

Video Spotlight

How to Spot a Scammer on a Dating Website

Here are five red flags to help you spot a fake dating profile and the real fraudster behind it

Woman wears eye mask and headphones

Ditch Drugs for Devices to Help You Sleep Better

Wearable technology identifies problems while you rest and helps address them so you’ll wake refreshed

Aurrigo self-driving car at the 2019 CES Show

Self-Driving Cars Promise Mobility for Everyone

The question from a safety point of view: When will the technology be ready for all?


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