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Person deleting files from computer

Spring Cleaning? Don't Forget Your Computer and Smartphone

How to organize your apps, delete old files and back up what you really need

Video Calling

Apple's FaceTime

Businessman video conferencing from home

Connected Via Video Chat

Amid the stress of the coronavirus outbreak, many tech-shy people are changing how they communicate

Facebook Messenger

man wearing headset participating in videoconference call on laptop.

Hard of Hearing Video Call Tips

A few adjustments can make virtual meetings, especially large conferences, easier for everyone


Couple on a video call using a tablet

Do You Have Zoom Fatigue?

Why video calls at home and work may be tiring you out. Experts tell you how to cope


A man wearing earphones, listening to music relaxing on couch

Learn New Languages Via App

Or boost your ability to understand and be understood with a translation device

Close up of a senior, African American woman wearing headphones and using a digital tablet.  She could be listening to music or an audio book.

Best Podcasts for Book Lovers

Listen and learn about hot new releases, quirky nonfiction picks or beloved classic novels

African American woman holding television remote

How to Get More TV — for Free

Inexpensive antennas let you receive scores of your favorite over-the-air broadcast stations

Transfer video from phone to TV screen.

Play Web Videos on a Big TV

This simple step-by-step guide will help you transform what you find on your small screen

man in wheelchair sitting at his desk at home working with his cat on his lap

Help Transcribe Historic Works

The Library of Congress, National Archives and Smithsonian Institution want computer users' help

Telehealth Care

Older woman having a remote medical consultation with her doctor.

A First-Time Patient's Step-by-Step Guide to Telehealth

How to make the technology work for you and get ready for your virtual doctor's visit

dog leans face on laptop computer screen while woman's hands are on keyboard

Skip a Trip to the Vet During the Coronavirus Outbreak

FDA eases restrictions on treating animals via telehealth to support social distancing guidelines

A woman using a tablet for a telehealth visit shows her doctor a prescription pill bottle.

New Patients Share Their Experiences With Telehealth

'It did feel like we were eye to eye. It was so much more personal and relational than a phone call.'

Telehealth Offers Big Benefits, Especially to Those at Risk

Virtual checkups with your doctor limit possibility of coronavirus exposure, and Medicare covers it

Telehealth concept

Use of Telemedicine Surges During Coronavirus Outbreak

Will physicians decide that they can handle in-person and virtual visits after this is over?


Work @ Home

man in front of a computer

You Can Improve Your Work-at-Home Computer Setup

A small laptop screen, cramped keyboard and trackpad may not work well for 8 hours

Woman using digital tablet at home

Worried About Lots of Screen Time? Think About Its Quality

Step away regularly, make sure you're engaging with others and educate yourself while you're online


High angle view of family using technologies at dining table in room

Five Tips to Improve Your Internet Speed at Home

Try these tricks from the FCC to enhance the performance of your Wi-Fi and router

Businessman suffering from neck pain at home

Ergonomics More Important Than Ever While at Home

Backaches, eyestrain and wrist pain are a danger when your habits with tech are too casual

A man is working from home with a child

5 Steps to Set Boundaries When Working from Home

How to separate the professional and personal when your home becomes your office

Connect With Us

a laptop with security images

‘My Online Privacy For Seniors’

AARP’s book offers steps to protect safety and privacy on your cellphones, computers, smart devices

AARP Perfect scam podcast

‘The Perfect Scam’

AARP’s podcast series takes you into the minds of con artists, shows you how to protect yourself

Other Tech News

Smiling mature businesswoman sitting at cafe reading email on her digital tablet while having coffee. Female business professional using tablet computer and drinking coffee at coffee shop.

Deciding Whether an E-reader or a Tablet is Best for You

You'll have to figure out what's most important: computing power, price or type of screen

senior couple taping, preparing to paint chair rail in living room, DIY

Technology Can Help You Organize Your To-Do Lists

An app allows those honey-do lists to live on multiple devices, so you can share them with your spouse

a phone displaying unknown caller

Do You Love Your Phone But Hate Your Callers?

Try these tips, apps and services to slow down — and maybe even stop — annoying spam robocalls

three screenshots from social media platform tik tok of trending user old man steve

Social Influencer, 81, Goes Viral With Young Followers

Steve Austin says his fans on the TikTok app make him feel loved and less alone

Photo of Tourist, Unrecognizable Person using map in phone app to navigate and find her parked car

Find Frequently Lost Items With a Little Help From Tech

No more pacing the parking lot, checking the couch cushions, rifling through drawers

Meditation app concept - man meditating with tablet

Stressed Out? Take a Breather With These Meditation Apps

A short, guided time-out might be just the ticket to calm your always-on mind


Your Membership

Social Media & Privacy

Grandad takes photo of his wife and grandchildren

Why Your Kids Get Upset When You Share on Facebook

You've created a permanent record online for grandchildren that's out of their control

Facebook sharing concept

Tech Firms Take Down Ill-Informed Posts on Coronavirus

World Health Organization cites 'infodemic' of dubious posts spreading misinformation

Man looking at laptop

How to Spot Fake Political Ads and Posts on Social Media

Even though our minds are on coronavirus, be wary of disinformation during Election 2020

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