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5 Game Changers That Make Life So Much Simpler

And they’re tailored for people 50 and older

Game-Changers That Make Life So Much Simpler


Easy hacks like using GPS in your car and other smart ideas to make life simpler.

As we grow older, wiser and more experienced, we often become better equipped to deal with life and everything it throws at us. Even so, it’s always nice to hear about a few tricks that may help us make more efficient use of our time and resources. With that in mind, Country Living has rounded up 20 hacks and smart ideas that are particularly useful as you age. Here are five of our favorites.

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1. Phone-holder car mount

Have you ever wanted to get directions while you were driving but couldn’t without juggling your phone? With a phone-holder car mount, you can easily turn your smartphone into a GPS that sticks to the dashboard for easy viewing. It is available on Amazon for about $25.

2. Tennis-ball jar opener

Have a few dead tennis balls lying around? Cut one up so that you have a hack for prying open those frustratingly unyielding lids. Find out how at the Instructables website.

3. Motion-sensor toilet night-light

Although it’s often marketed as a gag retirement gift, this motion-sensor toilet night-light actually can come in handy in the middle of the night when you don’t want to feel around for a light switch. Also nice: The sensor light glows in your choice of color. You can find it on Amazon for about $15.

4. Tracking water bottle

Sure, everyone knows they’re supposed to drink the recommended eight glasses of water a day. But it may be hard to do unless you are paying close attention. A tracking water bottle (that marks off how much liquid you should have drunk by a certain hour of the day) can make it a lot easier. The bottle is available on Amazon for about $19.

5. Magnifier adjustable floor lamp

Who hasn’t opened a book and began squinting to read the print? With this adjustable floor lamp, reading becomes a lot simpler with the help of a powerful magnification lens. The lamp also comes in handy for people who have a tough time seeing stitches while trying to knit or crochet. It sells on Amazon for about $84.

Want more helpful hints? Then definitely peruse the rest of Country Living’s list.