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Upload a Photo to Your Facebook Account

1.   As with most Facebook tasks, you have more than one way to post a photo. The easiest and best way to post a single photo is to post it directly to your News feed. Start by signing in to your Facebook account and navigating to your News page (click Facebook in the upper-left corner).

2.   Type a message about the photo in the Wall posting box that says What’s on your mind?

3.   Above your message, find the icon for uploading a photo (it looks like a little stack of photo prints. Clicking that icon changes the window.

4.   The new window gives you three choices: Upload a Photo from your computer, Take a Photo with a webcam, or Create an Album with many photos. Here’s how those choices work:

  • To use a photo already on your computer, click the Upload a Photo link. Your window changes to a window with a browse button to select a photo from your computer’s hard drive. Click Browse and a dialog box opens; from here, you can look for a photo on your computer’s hard drive. Find the photo you want to upload and double-click it to select it. Click Open. The photo opens and uploads while the dialog box closes, and you see the location of your photo in the text box next to Browse. To post the photo, click Share.
  • If you have a webcam, click Take a Photo. If you’re using a laptop computer, the webcam is most likely built in at the top of your screen. Clicking this option activates your camera automatically and a warning appears. You must give the Adobe Flash Player permission to access your camera. Click the Allow radio button and your camera will have permission for this one time. You’ll see yourself in the camera and smile! Click the small camera icon at the bottom of the screen. After selecting your privacy setting (I allow everyone to see) click Share.
    • If you’re ready to work with a batch of photos on Facebook, click Create an Album. I discuss this fairly complex task in the next section.

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