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A Visit With Linda Ronstadt

The singer and author shares her thoughts on culture, home and family

Celebrating Country Music

For Love of Country: America's Beloved Stars

Music legends honor all that unites our nation

The Fans Testify: Celebs, Politicians on Country Music

Famous Americans explain why they love the genre

Changing Nashville: Country Music's Growing Diversity

Artists, songs reflect more sides of America

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Country Music?

See if you can match the lyric to the correct song

AARP Playlist: Our Songs for America

Music to help understand our country and its people

On the Road Again: Legendary Dance Halls and Museums

Iconic venues across the U.S. to get your country fix

Country Music Is the New Rock

Styles have blended over the past three decades

Randy Travis’ Long Road to Recovery

Documentary looks at life before and after his stroke

Making Music

Selena Album Updates Tejano Superstar’s Early Tracks

The star’s family used technology to modernize songs

Jann Wenner’s Rock ’n’ Roll Memoir

Founder of ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine shares stories

Musicians Following in Their Famous Parents’ Footsteps

How next-gen artists compare to their family

15 Best Broadway Plays and Musicals This Fall

See 'The Piano Lesson' and 'Death of a Salesman'

Where to Hear the Diversity of Country Music

Great playlists for Black, Latino and LGBTQ artists

Live Music Is Back: 20 Shows We’re Most Excited to See

Catch concerts by McCartney, Dylan and more

Music and Health

An Intimate Look at George Harrison

Beatles star's widow chronicles their lives in verse

The Healing Power of Music and Friendship

An extended family uses music to soothe and connect

Sharing the Stage for 'One Last Time'

Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga perform special concerts

Tony Bennett's Battle With Alzheimer's

Legendary singer and his family reveal his diagnosis

Musicians With Mental Illness Welcomed by Orchestra

Participants of all musical levels are able to join

Roberta Flack on Music's Impact on Stroke Recovery

Singer also reflects on her debut album

The Power of Music on the Brain

It's all good for mood, memory and more

How Music Can Be a Great Mood Booster

Research shows positive effect on mental health

Music and Dance Help Adults With Movement Disorders

People with Parkinson's see physical, social benefits

Playlists & Podcasts

12 Best Playlists for Every Mood

What to click and listen to now, however you feel

Listening to Faraway Radio Stations Is Easier Than Ever

Take audio broadcasts on the road with apps, sites

Switch Streaming Services — Without Losing Your Playlists

Several app options can help you ease the transition

A Guide to Popular Music Streaming Services

You can 'rent' a variety of songs from classics to new

Great Travel Podcasts for Vacation and Adventure Ideas

Get wonderful storytelling and tips from the experts


6 Things You Didn't Know About Selena Quintanilla

Some surprising facts about the 'Queen of Tejano'

Singer Inspiring a Wave of Female Mariachis

Verónica Robles fulfills dream with all-female band

Original MTV VJs React to ’80s Music Videos

The cable channel changed the world 40 years ago

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