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A mother and daughter, both African American walk down stairs outside as they exercise

The 'Why' Factor in Weight Loss

Science shows it's a head game, and (the right) motivation really matters


Stay Fit

Eksogt Training Image

Using Technology to Solve Mobility Challenges

Getting older doesn't have to mean standing still and being physically limited

sonya vangelderen paints the fingernails of a young child

Can You Learn a New Language After 50?

Dedicated study, speaking it often and living where it's spoken are key

five types of fitness trackers are pictured. from left to right are the oura ring, mi smart band 4, fitbit inspire hr, garmin vivosport, and apple watch

Lessons Learned From Wearing a Fitness Tracker

We asked 5 people over 50 to try the devices. Did it motivate them to get moving?

Healthy Eating

Close up a salt shaker and salt on a table

Which Common Foods Have More Salt?

Being aware of hidden salt in prepared meals can help you manage your blood pressure

Healthy cut fruit and vegetables on display in store freezer.

Surprisingly Healthy Foods at Convenience Stores

How to eat well when you're in a hurry and options are limited

Mature woman shopping at supermarket opening fridge

6 Brilliant Diet Swaps

How to lose weight (and get healthier) by making a few smart trades

Your Membership

Live Well

Fitness Instructor In Exercise Class For Overweight People Doing Squats

Is It Possible to Be Fat and Fit? Health Experts Weigh In

7 out of 10 adults over 50 are overweight or obese, according to study

A cropped image showing the hands of a group of friends taking a slice of pizza at a table

Are Your Friends and Family Making You Fat?

Pals can exert a measurable influence on how much you eat and exercise

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