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Confused and frustrated with your car’s new technology? AARP’s Smart DriverTEK course can help.

Smokers Better Off Quitting, Even With Weight Gain

A study finds that quitters have much less risk of heart disease

Stay Fit

Weight-Loss Winners Share Their Stories

5 successful losers tell of the swaps and strategies they used to drop the pounds

Fitness for Every Age … and Stage

New research points to 50 as a tipping point — for balance, walking speed and more

Follow Your Path to Fitness and Health

How walking can help with weight loss, memory, cancer prevention and more

Live Long

How Many Carbs Should Be Part of Your Diet?

New research says eating too few or too many shorten your life

Retiring So You Can Exercise More Is Not a Crazy Idea

New studies show that starting a fitness plan in your 60s and 70s has real health boosts

Your Membership

Healthy Eating

New Research Links Brain, Gut

Researchers break down how, exactly, a healthy diet might lower dementia risk

Galloping Gourmet's Food Tips

Author and TV personality Graham Kerr explains his philosophy for eating both healthy and well

Test Your Breakfast IQ

Which of these food choices would make a smarter start to your day?

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