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Tell Congress to Oppose Any Tax Bill That Would Increase Taxes for Seniors! Take Action Now

Navigate the Holiday Buffet Without Packing on Pounds

The average American gains more than a pound each holiday season. Learn how to get through it all with negligible damage.

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Study: Heart-Stopping Sex is Really Rare

Study says heart attack during sex is rare

Denise Austin: AARP’s Wellness Ambassador

At almost 60 years of age, Denise wants to help you feel your best, through exercise, eating right and more

CDC: We're Not Eating Our Fruits and Vegetables

But older adults record higher rates of the recommended daily intake

Healthy Eating With Chef Daniel

Tips to Snacking Healthy

AARP’s Chef Daniel Thomas offers some ideas on fighting hunger between meals with nutritious snacks

Stay Hydrated: Cranberry Mint Spritzer

Try Chef Daniels' refreshing cranberry mint spritzer to stay hydrated!

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