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Woman sitting with empty plate

The Skinny on Intermittent Fasting 

Find out if this newer way of eating (and not eating) could make you slim in 2019. No diet required. 

Stay Fit

Group of mature adults stretching inside of an exercise studio.

To Live Longer, Make Time for Exercise Daily

Even 15 minutes of physical activity each day can have health benefits

Mature man sitting at his desk at work meditating.

Practice Yoga Without Ever Doing a Downward Dog

Three ways to use yoga’s mindfulness to conquer everyday stress

Portrait of smiling men holding squash rackets

How Sports Lovers Can Protect Their Eyes

How to prevent eye injuries when you’re playing pickleball, tennis and more

Healthy Eating

bottle of Alcohol with lock on it

Discover the Health Benefits of a Dry January

Choosing to forgo booze for a month can kick off a healthier lifestyle

Fresh vegetables, fruits, and nuts

Low-Carb? Low-Fat? What the Latest Dieting Studies Tell Us

Both strategies help shed pounds when they limit sugars and processed flour

Mediterranean Diet of Fish, Nuts and Oil.

Mediterranean Diet Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease

A study touts the virtues of fish, fruits, veggies, nuts — and a bit of wine

Your Membership

Live Well

99 Ways to Add Healthy Years to Your Life

99 Ways to Live a Longer, Healthier Life

Start the year off right with these essential health tips from top experts

Son performing CPR on his father

What's Changed Since You Took CPR in High School 

Today's CPR is actually simpler than it used to be — and is crucial to save lives

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