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tax audit stamp on US tax form 1040

Want to Lower the Odds of an IRS Tax Audit?

Fix these mistakes before filing your return


Tax Planning

employee's hand guides bank machine counting U.S. one-hundred dollar banknotes

Remember That Tax-Deferred Nest Egg?

New rules on when you must take out money and pay taxes

IRS tax refund check on a flag background. Check is showing the Treasury Seal and the Statue of Liberty

Where's My Tax Refund?

IRS issues most refunds in 9-21 days

medical staff rush patient to surgery

Take Control of Unplanned Expenses

Create a step-by-step action plan


bull and bear illustration with graph of stock market that has been going up

How Long Can the Bull Market Continue?

Gauge your investment risk

overhead view of desk displaying financial reports and 2 sets of hands; one with handful of cash

Where to Invest Cash You Can't Afford to Lose

Find the best yields with the least risks

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