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Long-Term Care: Advice & Resources from AARP

Experts advise you start planning for long-term care needs as early as possible, learn where to start.



How to Handle ‘Hard Feelings’ After Caregiving Ends

Guilt can make the grieving process harder

The Saving Power of a Caregiving Journal

How it can help you stave off depression

How to Find the Right Caregiver Support Group

In-person or online, communities can offer help

Supporting Caregivers

Long-Term Care: The Crisis Everyone Must Face

The system for helping people is broken and costly

​5 Goals to Improve Lives of Family Caregivers​​

New RAISE report offers a strategy to aid caregivers

Help AARP Fight For You

Find out about current legislation, events, and more

​Providing Care for Aging Adults at Home​

​Address safety issues to allow for independence

​Meal Planning for an Older Adult at Home​

Make sure your loved ones get what they need​

How to Assess When an Older Adult Requires Caregiving

Assess the need for more day-to-day support

5 Tips for Difficult Family Caregiving Conversations

Before you jump in, do your homework first

What to Know When Taking Someone to the Doctor

Be aware of new policies and procedures

Care at a Skilled Facility More News About Nursing Homes

Family Caregivers Are a Growing Industry in Healthcare

AARP is fighting to give them more support

Vaccine Rates Continue to Lag in Nursing Homes

Nursing home staff are also behind


Helping you navigate your role as a family caregiver

Video Spotlight

Why COVID-19 Killed So Many People in Nursing Homes

In one year since the first case of COVID-19 in a U.S. nursing home, more than 170,000 people

Starting a Conversation About End-of-Life Care

Questions to ask and how to make your loved ones comfortable with the conversation

Planning Your Advance Health Care Directives

Amanda Singleton offers advice on preparing your advance health care directives during the pandemic

From the Caregiving Community