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The Power of Vaccines Across a Generation

A look at the life saving role of immunization for boomers



5 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick From Thanksgiving Turkey

Illnesses from leftover foods occur during holidays

Is Amazon Pharmacy a Good Deal for Older Consumers?

Online prescription services offer free delivery

What Is Emergency Use Authorization for Vaccines?

A look at the FDA's fast-track approval process during the coronavirus pandemic

Need Help? Discover AARP Community Connections

This website links volunteers with those in need in their communities

Speaking Second Language Daily May Benefit Brain Health

Research shows mild cognitive impairment could be delayed for active bilinguals

Vision and Eye Basics: This is How We See

Understand the remarkable anatomy that allows us to view the world

The DNA Test That Tells You Your "Real" Age

What happens when you mail off your spit to learn your "biological age."

What the Flu Season Looks Like So Far

Health experts urge precautions — and getting your flu shot


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Should You Take Metformin Despite the Recalls?

Experts explain the back-and-forth on this popular diabetes drug

How Diabetes Drugs Can Help Your Heart

Understanding how to reduce the toll diabetes — and prediabetes — can take on cardiac health

Can COVID-19 Cause Diabetes in Patients?

Researchers are working to understand surprising diagnoses in some hospitalized patients



How to Get Started With Telemedicine

We take you through setting up an appointment

What Two Typical Telehealth Visits Look Like

What to expect at two common appointments

How to Connect With Your Doctor Virtually

Tips for using a smartphone, tablet or computer

Healthy Living

How Not to Gain Weight When the Fridge Is Always Nearby

Experts share tips for avoiding overreating when you're home all the time

Do We Really Need To Get 10,000 Steps a Day?

What science says about how much daily walking actually makes you healthier

Making Time For Exercise While You Are At Home

Our fitness experts share 10-minute workouts you can do in your living room


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