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5 Things to Know About the New Alzheimer's Drug, Aducanumab

Doctors weigh in on Biogen's newly approved dementia treatment, brand name Aduhelm


Competition Can Boost Your Fitness Routine

Camaraderie and motivation keep people engaged and active

Philips Recalls Millions of CPAP Machines, Ventilators

Users at risk of inhaling foam particles, being exposed to chemical emissions

Doctors Discuss New Diet Drug Semaglutide

Sold under the brand name Wegovy, it appears twice as effective as other Rx treatments for obesity

Need Help? Discover AARP Community Connections

This website links volunteers with those in need in their communities

How To Succeed at Weight Loss After Age 50

Tactics for mastering your metabolism and shaving off those extra pounds

5 Warning Signs of Lupus That You Should Know

Symptoms of this autoimmune disorder can affect many areas of the body

4 Reasons to Think Twice Before Getting Into a Hot Tub

The warm water can harbor risks to your health, especially if you're older

9 Questions for Public Health Expert Dr. Leana Wen

Why a pandemic revealed health disparities and how to work together to address them

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Should You Take Metformin Despite the Recalls?

Experts explain the back-and-forth on this popular diabetes drug

Desserts for People With Diabetes

From chocolate to chia pudding, which treats to try if you’re watching your blood sugar

Can COVID-19 Cause Diabetes in Patients?

Researchers are working to understand surprising diagnoses in some hospitalized patients


How to Get Started With Telemedicine

We take you through setting up an appointment

Medicare Telehealth Use Soars During COVID-19 Pandemic

1 in 4 beneficiaries 'saw' medical provider remotely

How to Connect With Your Doctor Virtually

Tips for using a smartphone, tablet or computer

Healthy Living

5 Ways to Be Happier Now

Expert tips to bring more meaning and joy to your daily life — starting today

7 Superfoods You Should Be Eating After 50

These standouts can keep you healthy as nutritional needs change with age

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