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Untreated Hearing Loss May Raise Risk of Other Health Issues   

New report finds an association with higher rates of dementia, depression and hospitalization

Hearing Conditions

Travel Tips for Those With Hearing Loss

How to navigate some common challenges of planes, trains and automobiles

How Your Hearing May Decline As You Age

If you live long enough you are going to experience some loss

What to Know About Meniere’s Disease

The inner-ear disorder that causes hearing loss is treatable

Watch Now: Loud Noise Is the New Secondhand Smoke

Hearing Aids and Help

How to Deal With Noisy Restaurants and Hearing Loss

New tech can help if you’re fed up with high-decibel dining

Hearing Aids Can Mean Fewer Hospital Visits

A study finds new benefits for people with hearing loss who use the devices

Artificial Intelligence Can Help Pick Voices Out of a Crowd

A Google breakthrough could lead to more effective hearing aids

Listen Up! New Apple iOS Feature Is Music to Your Ears

It turns your AirPods into a kind of hearing aid to better hear voices

What You Can Do to Hear Your TV Better

Our guide to new tools that boost volume and clarity of sound

New Hearing Aid Lets Users Program It Themselves

FDA approval of Bose self-fitting device expands options for people with hearing loss

Hearing Loss Prevention

10 Surprisingly Common Causes of Hearing Loss

And what you can do to help prevent them

4 Steps to Protect Your Hearing Now

Take care of the hearing you have, no matter your age

What You Need to Know About Noise

Even the roar of football fans can affect your hearing

Your Hearing Life

List of Rockers With Hearing Loss Grows 

Musicians more likely to experience auditory decline

Hearing Loss is America’s Silent Epidemic

The impact will grow as boomers age

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There's Something I Want You to Hear

A chat over the phone. Answers to questions. An important conversation. These are things that should never be missed. Up to 40 percent of people age 50+ have some hearing loss, and much of the time it's left untreated. If you or someone you love has hearing loss, don't ignore it — check it out

Quick Tips to Care for Your Hearing Aid

A hearing aid can improve your social life, allow you to hear those you love and even make a difference at work. Watch and learn about easy things you can do to keep your hearing aid working well

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