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AARP Hearing Center

Lou Ferrigno Says Cochlear Implant Changed His Life

‘The Incredible Hulk’ actor has had hearing loss since age 4


Hearing Aids and Help

Cochlear Implants Help With Particular Kind of Hearing Loss

Some candidates of the device don't know they are eligible for the surgery

9 Ways to Save Money on Hearing Aids

Don't let the potential cost keep you from getting the help you need

How to Choose a Hearing Aid That's Right For You

Follow these expert suggestions before you make your next purchase

Smart Hearing Aids Go Beyond Help With Audio

Cutting-edge technology can detect your heart rate or a fall

Mild Hearing Loss? Hearing Aids Aren't the Only Answers

'Hearables,' specialized headphones and other tech tools can provide sound solutions at a lower cost

Your Hearing Life

Is It Time to Do Something About Your Hearing Loss?

9 important reasons you should act now to treat this health condition

Loud Noise: The Not-So-Silent Killer Is Returning

The fading of the pandemic means the return of ear-piercing sounds and related health issues

18 Famous People With Hearing Loss

These celebrities — and the causes of their hearing problems — may surprise you

8 Everyday Noises That Could Cause Hearing Loss

Lawnmowers, wood saws and even exercise classes can take a toll

Top Tips for People Who Are Living With Tinnitus

'Volume Control' author learns to cope with the constant ear-ringing, and hopes for a cure

Is Hearing Loss an Unusual Symptom of COVID-19?

Doctors explore possible virus connection, also link hearing problems to masks

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