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Low-Cost Hearing Aid for Women’s Ears Hits the Market

Change in federal rules is stimulating innovation

Are You Losing Your Hearing?

Where to get tested and find the best treatment

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Take care of the hearing you have, no matter your age

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Hearing Loss Linked to Dementia

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Hearing Aids and Helpers

Hear Better Live Better

5 Myths About Hearing Loss

One of the country's leading audiologists sounds off about a condition that will eventually affect most of us

Does Your Loved One Need a Hearing Test?

Don’t be an enabler! Here are 8 ways to guide a family member or friend toward a hearing test

10 Ways to Manage Hearing Loss at Work

10 strategies, tips and the right technology to make your workday efficient and audible

Hearing and Driving

Find out how to take control of your hearing in order to stay safe behind the wheel

Travel Tips for People With Hearing Loss

Do you suffer from hearing loss? Eliminate extra hassle while traveling with a few simple steps

How to Enjoy the Party

Tips to help you enjoy a party, even with hearing loss

Prevent Hearing Loss

10 Surprisingly Common Causes of Hearing Loss

Here are unexpected causes of hearing loss and steps you can take to reverse or prevent them

4 Common Types of Hearing Problems

Hearing loss happens so gradually that you may not even realize it. Check out the four common types of hearing problems and what you can do about them

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Talking About Hearing Loss

Talking to a loved one about hearing loss is really hard! Here's a strategy that might work for you

6 Ways to Tame Tinnitus

Do you have tinnitus? Here's how to manage this maddening, debilitating condition

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There's Something I Want You to Hear

A chat over the phone. Answers to questions. An important conversation. These are things that should never be missed. Up to 40 percent of people age 50+ have some hearing loss, and much of the time it's left untreated. If you or someone you love has hearing loss, don't ignore it — check it out

Hear Better: Quick Tips to Care for Your Hearing Aid

A hearing aid can improve your social life, allow you to hear those you love and even make a difference at work. Watch and learn about easy things you can do to keep your hearing aid working well

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