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AARP Hearing Center

Can COVID Cause Hearing Loss?

Researchers explore the link between the virus and the ears


Hearing Aids and Help

FDA Clears Way for Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids​

Proposed rule would make devices affordable, accessible

8 Ways to Save Money on Hearing Aids

Don't let the potential cost keep you from getting the help you need

How to Choose a Hearing Aid That's Right For You

Follow these expert suggestions before you make your next purchase

Reversing Hearing Loss with a Cochlear Implant

How one woman went from being almost completely deaf to being able to hear again

Mild Hearing Loss? Hearing Aids Aren't the Only Answers

'Hearables,' specialized headphones and other tech tools can provide sound solutions at a lower cost

Your Hearing Life

What Kind of Hearing Specialist Is Right for Me?

ENTs, audiologists and other providers can help with different issues

The Ins and Outs of Safe Earwax Removal

Safely removing the gunk will help you feel and hear better

8 Ways to Cope With Hearing Loss at Work

Expert's top tips for meetings, accommodations and more

8 Everyday Noises That Could Cause Hearing Loss

Lawnmowers, wood saws and even exercise classes can take a toll

What You Need to Know About Conductive Hearing Loss

Earwax and infections can cause this treatable condition for some people

What You Need to Know About Sensorineural Hearing Loss

This condition accounts for most hearing loss in people over age 50

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