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women taking dance class

Music and Dance Help Adults Overcome Movement Disorders

People with Parkinson's harness the power of music to connect, move with others




woman wearing mask outside

Do Face Masks Cause Carbon Dioxide Poisoning?

The most dangerous thing about a mask during the pandemic is not wearing one

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AARP Explains: What to Know About the Coronavirus

How it spreads and what symptoms to watch out for

A man handing donated food to a woman to help people in the Hispanic community with coronavirus. Both are wearing face masks.

New Coronavirus Hot Spots Could Hit Hispanics Hardest

Many states with COVID-19 surges are home to large minority populations

Doctor giving a male patient a vaccine.

Don't Let Virus Fears Keep You Away From the Doctor

Critical screenings, vaccinations call for visits

People hold up signs at a nursing home

Track COVID-19 Nursing Home Cases in Your State

What states are reporting and how to find it

Spreading out a cotton face mask on a table.

8-Step Guide to Making a No-Sew Face Mask From a T-Shirt

Easy DIY instructions for a summer-friendly cotton face covering

Closeup of four colorful hand sanitizer pump bottles

FDA Expands Warning on Methanol Hand Sanitizers

Deaths tied to toxic ingredient in imported sanitizers

Mature woman with painful hand from arthritis

What to Know About the Coronavirus and Arthritis

Some types of arthritis, certain drugs increase risk

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vision check device attached to a smartphone

New Tests and Technology Can Help Save Your Sight

Open your eyes to these bright new solutions

doctor talking to male patient in hospital room

Rates of Advanced Prostate Cancer Have Climbed

Study: Increase in late-stage disease for men 50+

man wearing headset participating in videoconference call on laptop.

Videoconferencing Tips for People With Hearing Loss

A few adjustments can make virtual meetings easier

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