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Woman smiling in pool

Is It Safe to Go to the Pool During Coronavirus?

Health experts' advice on chlorine, hand hygiene, physical distancing and face-mask tans


health care worker wearing protective gear looking out a window. She appears sad and stressed.

Health Care Workers Face Stress Fighting COVID-19

Frontline professionals must focus on their own mental health

two doctors in masks and patient on a gurney with a ventilator

Doctors Rethink Ventilator Use for Older Patients

The machines may cause problems of their own

white line

white line

white line

AARP Explains: What to Know About the Coronavirus

How it spreads and what symptoms to watch out for

woman wearing face mask washing hands in a bathroom

How to Treat Coronavirus Symptoms At Home

Health experts offer advice and warnings for treating a loved one with COVID-19

close up of a man looking sad and confused, set against a black background

Coronavirus Blues or Clinical Depression?

Don't be reluctant to seek help or treatment

research lab table with coronavirus blood samples in testing tubes and other medical equipment

Understanding More About Coronavirus Research

Why COVID studies seem to contradict one another

doctor wearing protective gear looking at an x-ray

How the Coronavirus Delays Cancer Care

Cancer screenings have plummeted during the pandemic. Here's what that means for patients

People hold up signs at a nursing home

Track COVID-19 Nursing Home Cases in Your State

What states are reporting and how to find it

woman therapist looking at patient and listening

How to Find the Right Therapist for You

Learn more about the different types of therapy

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Other Health News

vision check device attached to a smartphone

New Tests and Technology Can Help Save Your Sight

Open your eyes to these bright new solutions

doctor talking to male patient in hospital room

Rates of Advanced Prostate Cancer Have Climbed

Study: Increase in late-stage disease for men 50+

man wearing headset participating in videoconference call on laptop.

Videoconferencing Tips for People With Hearing Loss

A few adjustments can make virtual meetings easier

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