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Pilates Anytime Videos

AARP Members Only Access is offering a selection of free on-demand Pilates classes led by certified instructors from streaming platform Pilates Anytime. All of these videos can be accessed from this page. Please consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.

Read about the lifelong benefits of Pilates.


Functional Health Pilates Series

 With Joy Puleo 

Class 1

Restorative Exercise

Move without depleting energy

Class 2

A Healthy Heart

Support cardiac performance

Class 3

Head, Neck, Shoulders

Build your strength and relieve tension


Pilates Fundamentals Series

With Amy Havens

Class 1

Strong Spine and Core

Build stability and inner strength

Class 2

Neck and Shoulders

Relieve tension and improve posture

Class 3

Feet and Knees

Focus on alignment to prevent falls

Class 4

Hip Mobility

Get hip to functional movement


Begin Pilates Series 

With Erin Wilson

Class 1

Centering Awareness

Start your practice off on the right foot

Class 2

Control and Connect

Feel strong and successful

Class 3

Mind and Body

Melding the mind-body connection


Spine Health Pilates Series 

With Amy Havens

Class 1

Core and Spine

Build abdominal and back muscles

Class 2

Healthy Spine

Pull up a chair for this class

Class 3

Shoulders and Spine

Focus on your upper body



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