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​5 Things That Are Hard to Get Right Now

​Supply chain issues and bad weather mean some items may be scarce​


​​10 Tips to Help Make Your Home Fall-Proof​

​Easy changes to avoid serious injury and support aging in place​​​

​AARP and Lowe's to Improve Aging in Place​​ Options

​​Expert design and renovation advice, tips and strategies will help older adults plan ​

​Where to Donate Your Unwanted Items​

​Declutter by finding new home for electronics, medical supplies, furniture and more​​​

10 Secret Decorating Tips to Make Your Home Feel Larger

Decluttering, paint, flooring and fabric choices make a difference

​Your Home Checklist for Aging in Place

If you are planning on living in your home long-term, consider making upgrades

6 Ways a Garage Makeover Can Create More Living Space

With a little elbow grease, create a home office, gym and more

Yard and Garden

8 Cold Weather Yard and Garden Chores

This outdoor to-do list will create healthier plants during growing season​​​

Get Your Gardening Muscles In Shape for Planting Season

Before digging, pruning and planting, make sure you're ready for the work

6 Tips for Creating a Pet Safe Garden

Watch out for poisonous plants, moldy compost, fertilizers and more

Home Videos

Renovation Crew Helps Older Adults Live At Home Longer

Nora Spencer, 42, founded Hope Renovations to bring affordable aging-in-place solutions to seniors

Applying Universal Design to Your Home

Learn how to renovate your home to fit anyone regardless of age, ability or lifestyle

3 Hacks to Help You Handle Your Linens

These tips will transform how you manage your trickiest bedding issues

Clean and Organize

13 Things to Throw Away Right Now

A trend toward minimalism means only keeping items that add value to your life

Gifts That Will Get Every Home Organized

​Label makers, car trunk organizers and acrylic bins can help make items easy to find​​​

​Decluttering Dilemma: What to Do With Religious Items​

​How to respectfully get rid of old Bibles, prayer rugs, yarmulkes and more​​​

7 Ways to Organize Your Spices for Easy Cooking

​Toss outdated seasonings, alphabetize and label to make following recipes a breeze​​​

AARP Online Event

Declutter & Downsize

America’s top cleaning expert and star of the Emmy-nominated series Legacy List with Matt Paxton distills his fail-proof approach to decluttering and downsizing.

7:00 p.m. ET
Wednesday, February 9

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​10 Things to Clean in 10 Minutes

​Tasks that take a short time, but help kill germs in your house ​​​


9 Ways to Add Fun to Your Backyard, Patio or Deck

Games, lighting, fire features, new options for shade create inviting spaces

Been a While Since You Hosted? 7 Ideas to Consider

Social muscles may be a bit rusty, but this guide can help get you back into the swing of things

​Hotel Luxuries You Can Bring Home​

​Create a vacation feel every day, with plush robes, high-end sheets​

Food and Feasting

5 Ways You're Using Your Fridge All Wrong

Avoid these common mistakes to keep food safer and fresher

3 Hearty Stews to Warm You Up This Winter

These recipes are good for entertaining or for a weeknight dinner​

​​How to Make the Best Cup of Coffee at Home​

Perk up your morning java and save money by slow brewing​​​​

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