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10 Ideas for Creating a Cozy Guest Bedroom

A few special touches will make company feel right at home


Home Improvement

13 Fall Home Projects that Pay Off Big in Winter

Some are DIY tasks, some require a professional

8 Ways to Make the Stairs Safer at Home

Smart changes that reduce the risk of injury

Are Gas Stoves Hazardous to Your Health?

Research shows that this appliance poses risks

Quiz: What Do You Know About Home Improvements?

Test your knowledge of remodeling, renovations

Your Home Journey

Selling Your Home? Check Out This One-Year Countdown​

Our guide suggests downsizing, getting a home inspection and more

Your Home Checklist for Aging in Place

Consider making upgrades in some of these 10 areas in your house to help ensure safety

6 Quick Home Improvements When Someone Needs Care

A fall, illness or medical problem can require upgrades for safety and accessibility

Yard and Garden

7 Tips and Tricks to Make Raking Leaves Easier

Using the right tools and rethinking your approach to this chore can help

9 Yard and Garden Chores for Fall

This autumn to-do list will create healthier plants during growing season

Plant Flower Bulbs Now for a Blast of Spring Color

A little advance planning can translate into gorgeous springtime blossoms

Clean and Organize

5 Ways to Organize Your Recipes

Smart strategies for finding what you need

10 Things to Clean in 10 Minutes

Quick tasks that make a big difference

Quiz: How Clean Is Your Home?

Test your knowledge of germs and cleanliness

Organizing by Color Can Make Your Life Simpler and More Fun

This technique might save you time and money

7 Spaces to Clean in Your Kitchen, Bedroom and More

The dirtiest things in your house might surprise you

Food and Feasting

Thanksgiving Side Dishes for Restricted Eaters

Recipes that satisfy a variety of eating plans

Why a Meat Thermometer Is an Essential Cooking Tool

Prevent foodborne illness and dry or underdone meat with this simple device

27 Delicious Dishes That Can Feed a Crowd

Consider food safety, allergies and heritage

Home Videos

Make Your Entryway Safe and Stylish

Learn how to revamp your entryway to make it organized, safe and functional

Prevent At-Home Accidents With Nonslip Flooring

Learn how to prevent falls by installing easy nonslip flooring solutions

How to Make Your Front Door Easier to Open

How to replace traditional doorknobs and install easy-to-use lever style handles for your doors

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