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13 Great Pumpkin Spice Treats

Options range from savory to sweet


10 Secret Decorating Tips to Make Your Home Feel Larger

Decluttering and paint choices make a difference

How to Start (and Maintain) Your Front-Yard Library

Let your neighbors enjoy your old books

The Rise of House Swapping as a Vacation Option

You stay in someone else's home, guests stay at yours

Yard and Garden

Gardening Guide: How to Read the Fertilizer Code

You don't have to be a chemist to figure out how to boost lawn and garden growth

6 Reasons to Think Twice Before Getting a Bird Feeder

The expense, mess and pests might have you looking for other ways to birdwatch

6 Tips for Planting a Pet Safe Garden

Watch out for poisonous plants, moldy compost, fertilizers and more

6 Essential Tools for Gardening Comfort

Inexpensive implements make tending plants easier on joints and muscles

6 Things to Consider When Buying a Lawn Mower

Electric battery vs. gas, environmental impact and ease of use make the list

Build a Serene Rain Garden in 5 Steps

Pretty and practical, this landscaping technique is good for the environment too

Spruce Up at Home

Take Your Balcony From Boring to Breathtaking in 4 Steps

Use plants, lighting and rugs to create a sense of privacy and comfort

6 Reasons You Don’t Want a Swimming Pool

Maintenance headaches and expenses might send you over to the neighbors’ splash pad instead

7 Ergonomic Upgrades Your Home Office Needs

Fend off aches and pains by investing in foot support, an upgraded mouse and keyboard or a standing desk


6 Delicious Uses for a Muffin Tin

It can be utilized to make small meals or desserts such as pizza, frittatas, and more

6 Unexpected Foods to Grill When You’re Tired of Hot Dogs

Flame-broiled takes on new meaning with these tasty dishes

4 Quick, Easy Sheet Pan Meal Ideas

This simple cooking technique makes cleanup a breeze by cooking your meal in one dish


Been a While Since You Hosted? 7 Ideas to Consider

Social muscles may be a bit rusty, but this guide can help

Popularity of Disc Golf on the Rise. Find Out Why

Inexpensive, social, and with straightforward rules, the game is attracting the 50-plus crowd

Sweet Ways to Enjoy Baking With Grandchildren

Whether in person or virtually, strengthen bonds by sharing recipes, techniques for creating confections

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