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Paper that says medicare part b

Congress Limits Medicare Part B Premium Increase

Bipartisan spending deal includes fix that also protects enrollees' Social Security COLA


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It’s Time to Plan for How to Safely Cast Your Ballot

Consider voting from home or voting early

A red and blue voting booth

AARP Battleground Polls: Presidential Race Tight

Absentee, early voting popular among the 50+


Postal service worker

AARP Urges Postmaster to Maintain All Services

Changes could endanger health, safety of Americans

Prescription bottles and pills on a counter

HHS Issues New Rule for Importing Prescription Drugs

States will be able to ask for federal approval

red and blue fists in front of an american flag

Coronavirus, Social Security Cuts Top 50+ Voter Concerns

Americans united behind programs that protect them

Your Membership

Fighting for You

AARP Group, Advocacy Fighting for Your Health

Fighting For Your Health

AARP believes in doing all it can to protect older Americans. Stand with us to fight for your healthcare

Court gavel and money

Protecting Your Investment

Stand with AARP and tell the SEC to protect the investments of older Americans and not Wall Street

Stop Rx Greed Cut Drug Prices Now

Lower Prescription Drug Costs

AARP calls for legislation that will lower prescription drug costs and stop RX greed

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