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Men friends on a couch

Create Your Own Family of Friends When Solo Aging

A 'found family' can provide support and care when relatives aren't nearby

Woman sitting on a couch at home, looking lonely

Pandemic Has Created a Loneliness Epidemic

AARP Foundation and United Health Foundation survey finds older adults more at risk

Harvey Beldner (left) and his golden doodle Seamus meeting a new neighbor Stephen King (right) and his pup Owen.

How to Make Friends in a New Place Despite COVID-19

Reach out online, take up walking, forge new connections with safety measures in mind


Little girl in protective mask on Halloween

Is Trick-or-Treating Safe for Your Grandchildren This Year?

The CDC considers door-to-door trick-or-treating high risk for COVID-19

Three children sitting on a park bench wearing homemade halloween costume

7 Easy Halloween Costumes to Make for Your Grandchildren

Creative options that don't require a lot of effort

Cindy Rovey hopes to get relatives interested in her family's history.

Make Memories Relevant to a Younger Generation

COVID-19 cleaning binges are turning up nostalgic treasures to share

Woman having a video call

Grandparents Boost Video Chat Skills for Grandchildren

New ways to engage and use technology to strengthen relationships

The Grandparent Boom

Grandparents Play Starring Role in Home Life

New coronavirus living situations mean older relatives helping with remote learning, child care


Couple embracing, kissing in a field

Is COVID-19 Affecting Your Sex Life?

New dating rules, boredom and lack of privacy are changing sexual relations

Shot of a mature couple having relationship problems at home

7 Reasons You May Need Marriage Therapy

Couples therapists can help with relationship tune-ups and serious repairs

Vince Perrelli met his girlfriend during the pandemic.

Dating During a Pandemic: 'Love Is Not Canceled'

Older daters are connecting through video chat and getting creative about outings


Amy Cox and her family/friends dressed up for Halloween

Pet Costume Contests Go Virtual This Year

COVID-19 has pet owners adapting to online costume events

Volunteers from all over North Carolina help rescue residents and their pets from their flooded homes

Pet Essentials for an Emergency Go Bag

Food, medication and accommodations for animals should be part of any disaster plan

Dog wearing Whistle Pet Device

Keep Track of Your Pet's Health With Wearable Tech

Activity trackers reveal details about your pup's well-being and whereabouts

Video Spotlight

107-Year-Old and His Five-Generation Family

Michael Bolton’s Message: ‘We’re in This Together’

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