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The View From 6 Swing States

50-plus voters in Missouri, Virginia, Florida, New Hampshire, Ohio and Nevada weigh in on the issues

Vote Early Here sign, Battleground 2012

Photo by Kevin German/LUCEO

Will swing states decide Election 2012?

En Español |As the 2012 campaign intensifies, veteran political reporter Susan Milligan traveled to six key states to listen to what 50-plus voters are saying about today's critical issues — from heath care to the role of government, from women's issues to financial security, from the job market to the housing market.


The Health Care Debate

Missourians talk about health insurance and health care costs, and weigh the pros and cons of the Affordable Care Act. Read

The Social Safety Net

Floridians express their hopes and concerns about the future of Medicare and Social Security. Read

The Women's Vote

Virginians discuss the resurgence of social issues (abortion, birth control) and how it will influence their votes. Read

The Role of Government

New Hampshire voters discuss how much or how little the government and elected officials should impact Americans' lives. Read

The Economy and Jobs

What Ohio voters think about the nation's fiscal health and the candidates' plans to create jobs and boost incomes. Read

The Housing Market

Nevada residents feel the impact of foreclosures and sinking home prices, and ponder the impact of campaign promises. Read