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Veterans Agency Gets Thumbs Down From 50+ Voters in Arizona

New Politico/AARP poll surveys state’s older electorate on Social Security, health care and more

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Investors Can Speak Out About Bad Financial Advice

SEC holds roundtables to review its proposed rule to prevent hidden fees and conflicts of interest

Will the Next Congress Cut Medicare?

Midterms could influence whether lawmakers strengthen or weaken the program

Government & Elections

Election Winners Could Determine Medicaid’s Future

New lawmakers will decide what to do with benefits

Older Voters Concerned about Social Security, Health Care

Politico/AARP Florida poll shows midterm's top issues

Midterms Could Shape Future of Social Security

Next Congress faces tough choices

AARP's 60th Anniversary

AARP Turns 60!

As we reach a milestone, members and volunteers share how we helped them improve their lives

Learn More About AARP

Test your knowledge and see how much you know about AARP's first 60 years

A Path to Real Possibilities

60 years later, we’re following our founder’s example for purposeful living

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