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Courtesy Pilates Anytime

Video run time is 30 minutes.


Pilates Anytime: Feet and Knees, Keys to Stability and Balance

In Class 3 of our Pilates Fundamentals series with Amy Havens, learn ways to prevent falls

No one wants to fall and break a bone. This class focuses on ways to strengthen the relationship between foot and knee alignment for proper stability, strength and balance. With proper awareness of how our feet and knees relate, we can improve our balance and prevent falls.

Certified instructor Amy Havens from online streaming platform Pilates Anytime provides a fun and fulfilling approach to Pilates while offering modifications and support for independently mobile participants who have a basic physical activity level.

Suggested props: a tea towel or dish towel and a straight-backed chair.

Please consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.


Read about the lifelong benefits of Pilates.

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