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State retirement savings plans have many stakeholders. This section compiles public opinion polls, small business surveys, and expert opinions on state-sponsored retirement savings plans and features like automatic enrollment.

State-Specific Surveys

Giving Small Businesses a Competitive Edge: The California Retirement Savings Plan

Brittne Nelson, Ph.D., AARP Research — March 2016

California small business owners support a state retirement savings plan.

A Common Sense Approach: The Connecticut Work and Save Plan, an AARP Survey of CT Registered Voters Ages 35–64

January 2016

The AARP CT survey of registered voters age 35–64 in CT explored opinions on retirement security, savings options, and state work & save legislation.


Giving Small Businesses a Competitive Edge: The Connecticut Retirement Savings Plan

April 2015

3 in 5 small business owners support a Connecticut retirement savings plan and more agree that residents should be encouraged to save for retirement.

2015 Illinois State Budget Survey

December 2015

Illinoisans aged 50+ oppose the prospect of a new tax on retirement income to fix the state's budget crisis.

A Common Sense Approach: The 2015 Kentucky Work and Save Plan

August 2015

Survey findings show 4 in 5 Kentucky registered voters age 35–64 are concerned about insecure retirements due to low retirement savings.

Anxious and Distracted: The 2014 Massachusetts Financial Security Survey of Registered Voters Age 45+

Brittne Nelson and Eowna Young Harrison — October 2014

Massachusetts registered voters age 45+ are anxious about their retirement years and worried about having enough money in savings.

Summary of AARP Survey of Minnesota Registered Voters Age 45+: Opinions on Retirement Security, March 2014

Aisha Bonner — March 2014

Minnesota residents age 45+ are highly in favor of a voluntary state-sponsored retirement savings plan.  

2016 New Jersey Small Business Owner Survey: The Need for a Competitive Edge

Brittne Nelson — January 2016

Four of five New Jersey small business owners agree that the New Jersey governor should support work and save legislation.


Making Retirement a Reality: The Secure Choice Retirement Savings Plan

Brittne Nelson — June 2015

Seven in ten New Jersey voters support a state retirement savings plan that would help residents build their own private retirement savings.

High Anxiety: New York's Gen X and Boomers Struggle with Stress, Savings and Security

Angela Houghton — May 2015

A survey of New York voters on retirement preparedness reveals a Gen X population that is even more financially anxious than pre-retiree Boomers.


2014 State of the 50+ in New York State

Angela Houghton — October 2014

Many 50+ New Yorkers see a future where they will never be able to retire because of caregiving and economic issues.

2016 AARP Survey: Gubernatorial Issues Facing North Carolina Voters Ages 45+

September 2016

A majority (76%) of older North Carolina registered voters support a professionally managed state retirement savings plan, with over two in five (43%) saying they strongly support this plan.

2014 North Dakota Caregiving and Financial Security Study Briefs

January 2015

Nearly one-third of North Dakota voters age 45+ are generally worried about not being able to save enough money for retirement.

Selected Small Businesses in Oregon and Their Decisions Concerning Employee Retirement Plans

Margaret B. Neal, Sarah Dys, Serena Hasworth, & Gabrielle King, Portland State University Institute on Aging — October 2017

Interviews with Oregon small business owners shed light on perspectives and early experiences with OregonSaves, a payroll deduction IRA program launched by the state in 2017.

Executive Summary (PDF)
Full Report (PDF)


Many Oregonians Worried about Having Enough Savings for Retirement: OregonSaves Sounds Like a Solution

DHM Research, commissioned by AARP — October 2017

A survey of Oregon residents finds overwhelming support for the OregonSaves retirement program even among groups that might not directly benefit from the program.


2015 Oregon Small Business Owner Work and Save

Brittne Nelson — April 2015

More than two-thirds of small business owners agree that Oregon should do more to encourage residents to save for retirement.

On the Wrong Path: Financial Insecurity Among Adults and Women in the Lone Star State

Brittne Nelson — September 2014

Many Texas adults, particularly women age 40–64, are on a path of financial insecurity that will not lead to a financially secure retirement.

Making Retirement a Reality: Helping Utahns Age 25–64 Save and Take Control of Their Future

February 2015

A Utah retirement savings plan that would help Utahns build their own private retirement savings is supported by three in four adults age 25–64

AARP Survey of Virginia Registered Voters Age 45+: Opinions About State Retirement Plan

January 2015

Virginia registered voters age 45+ support a state-run retirement savings plan so all residents can have the opportunity to save for retirement.

Building a Secure Financial Future in Wisconsin

January 2015

Being short of savings for retirement is a concern of working Wisconsin registered voters, and many may put off retirement as long as possible