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Ohio Voters Support State Retirement Savings Program

AARP Survey of Ohio Registered Voters Ages 25-64 on State Retirement Savings Program

The AARP 2019 Ohio Retirement Security Study explored the opinions of 500 registered Ohio voters ages 25-64 on retirement saving issues. Data from this survey found strong support among registered voters for a state retirement savings program and most agree that elected officials in the state need to support legislation making it easier for workers to save for retirement.

Well over half of all registered voters say they feel anxious about having enough money to live comfortably in retirement and are concerned about the negative impact of other expenses on their retirement savings, such as health care and cost of living expenses. Ohio registered voters believe retirement savings is important, and they are concerned that some Ohioans may have inadequate savings and could end up relying on public assistance programs.

Considering that one in five registered voters say their employer does not offer a retirement savings plan, a state program would be well received, and the majority of these workers say they would take advantage of it.

Interviews were conducted November 19 through November 27,  2018. The sample was drawn from a registered voter list. Half (250) of the interviews were conducted via landline phone and half (250) were conducted via cell phone.  A total of 19,300 records were utilized to achieve a base sample of 500.  All data are weighted by age and gender according to November 2018 Ohio voter database statistics.

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Suggested Citation:

Sauer, Jennifer. AARP Survey of Ohio Registered Voters Ages 25-64 on State Retirement Savings Program. Washington, DC: AARP Research, February 2019.

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