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Investment Fraud Vulnerability Quiz

Are you at risk for investment fraud?

Assess how vulnerable you are to investment fraud by reading the questions below and following our scoring guide. Add up your points, and check out your risk level after the quiz.

1. How many times per year do you make an investment decision, like selling one stock and buying another or investing in something new?

a. None

b. 1-2

c. 3-4

d. 5 or more

Score 3 for d, 2 for c, 1 for b and 0 for a

2. In a typical month, how many solicitations would you say you receive from investment sales people trying to get you to invest money, including phone calls, emails and/or letters in the mail?

a. None

b. 1-7 

c. 8-15

d. More than 15

Score 3 for d, 2 for c, 1 for b and 0 for a

3. Have you ever made an investment in response to any of the following? (yes or no)

a. An advertisement you saw on television

b. A solicitation you received via email

c. A phone call you received from someone you did not know

d. A presentation you attended in person as part of a free lunch or dinner seminar

Score 2 for each “yes” answer

4. Please indicate whether you strongly agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree, or strongly disagree to each of the following statements: 

a. Some of the most important achievements in life include acquiring money.

b. The most profitable financial returns are often found in investments that are not regulated by the government.

c. I don't mind taking chances with my money, as long as I think there's a chance it might pay off.

d. I like to keep my eyes and ears open for emerging investment opportunities that no one has heard about yet.

For each, score 2 for strongly agree, 1 for somewhat agree and 0 for somewhat or strongly disagree

5. Which of the following best describes your worldview?

a. Liberal

b. Moderate

c. Conservative

Score 2 for c, 0 for a or b

Please describe your gender

a. Male

b. Female

Score 2 for a, 0 for b

6. Which of the following best describes your age?

a. Under 18

b. 19-39

c. 40-54

d. 55+

Score 2 for d, 1 for c, 0 for a or b

Add up your scores for all seven of the questions above, and use the scale below to determine your vulnerability to investment fraud.

Risk Scale:

  • High Risk: 14-28     
  • Moderate Risk: 7-13        
  • Low Risk: 0-6

For more information on how to protect yourself from investment fraud, sign up for email Watchdog Alerts on breaking scams.

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