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Wife Gets ‘Menopause Fort’

Husband’s gift is the ultimate act of love

Menopause Fort

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My dad built my mom a 'menopause fort' in the back yard with an art studio and lots of love.

As almost any woman who has ever gone through menopause knows, hot flashes can make you crave a Superman-style arctic fortress of solitude where you can cool off and collect yourself. And in what may be the ultimate act of marital love, one Canadian man built one for his wife.

OK, it’s a shed. Unlike Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, this one is more like a fancy treehouse/art studio, with a tiny loft upstairs. But it’s been getting lots of attention on Twitter ever since Menopause Lady’s daughter, who goes by the name @feminist_tinder, posted some pictures of it.

“My mom’s hot flashes were really bad so my dad built her a menopause fort in the back yard with an art studio,” @feminist_tinder tweeted. The loft has two single beds, she explained, because her mother’s hot flashes were especially bad at night, making it difficult to share a bed, but her dad still wanted to sleep nearby. “He’s not even a contractor, he’s just like really in love with my mom,” she added.

Her parents have been married for more than 30 years, @feminist_tinder told Refinery29, a news and fashion website, and the menopause fort has actually outlived its original purpose. It was built three years ago, and since then her mom’s hot flashes have mostly subsided. But the structure’s paying dividends because, since the family lives in northern Canada, it makes an excellent warm-weather sleeping porch.

"In the summer they spend almost every night in it," she said. "You can kinda see under the leaves there is a fire pit. My dad loves to built a campfire and sometimes set up a movie projector against a bedsheet on the shed.”

It’s also inspiring other husbands out there.

“My new life goal,” tweeted Russell Keith-Magee, who describes himself on Twitter as an Australian-born computer science engineer. “Build someone a ‘menopause fort.’ ”