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All Your Menopause Questions ... Answered

From when it begins to how long it may last (!) to how to keep your sex life better and belly flatter, we’ve got the top experts and proven advice to help you navigate the Change. Plus, an in-depth look at why you might not have heard about the latest menopause treatments from your doctor.

The Hormone Debate

How estrogen therapy got a bad name — and why doctors say it shouldn't have.

Weight Loss Solutions

Got meno-gut? Why that belly is not entirely your fault ... and how to take it off.

What's Your Meno-Q?

How much do you really know about menopause signs, symptoms and treatments?

The Doctor Problem

Doctors are woefully untrained on menopause, and what they don't know can hurt you.

All About Sex

From lubrication to toys, Laura Berman takes on the finer points of sex and menopause.

Natural Remedies

How to find relief from menopause symptoms without a prescription.