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How much of skilled nursing costs are covered under Medicare Part A?

En español | To qualify for Medicare’s nursing home coverage, you must first have stayed in the hospital for at least three consecutive days as an admitted patient (not counting the day you leave). You must also need intravenous injections, physical therapy or other care from a skilled professional provider. This care must be necessary to improve your condition or prevent it from getting worse.  

Nursing home coverage also includes a room you share with other patients, meals, medications, medical supplies and ambulance services to medical care that the facility doesn’t provide.  

You pay nothing for the first 20 days of nursing home care in each benefit period. For days 21 through 100, you pay $176 a day each benefit period (in 2020). After 100 days, you pay the full charges.    

It’s important to remember that Medicare does not cover nursing home care indefinitely and does not cover nonmedical or custodial care.  

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