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Barry Rand Says You Deserve Voice in Debate on Medicare and Social Security

AARP CEO on the future of these vital programs

For the past year, Washington has been discussing proposals to change Medicare and Social Security. Throughout the recent debate, AARP has heard from millions of members who say they’re tired of Washington playing politics behind closed doors with the benefits they’ve earned.

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That’s why AARP has launched You’ve Earned a Say – a national conversation to ensure that Americans have a say in the future of Medicare and Social Security. It’s called You’ve Earned a Say because Americans have earned their benefits by paying into Medicare and Social Security for years and they deserve to know what politicians are talking about — without the political jargon and spin. 

From March 19 through the end of the year, AARP will sponsor town halls, community conversations, debates, webcasts, bus tours and other events — all with the goal of giving Americans a chance to hear about the proposals, share their views and offer their own ideas about how to keep Medicare and Social Security strong for generations to come.

In the video above, AARP CEO A. Barry Rand talks about You’ve Earned a Say and how millions of Americans want to have their voices heard in the debate about health and retirement security.

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