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The Real Possibilities Are Endless — and Ageless

Here's why AARP believes in you

There's a real possibility you may have seen some new TV commercials about AARP or noticed the words "Real Possibilities" in the AARP logo. 

We know (because you’ve told us!) that millions of people in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond are living in a new life stage. It’s a reason we can say that the letters AARP stand for "An Ally for Real Possibilities."

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AARP is "An Ally for Real Possibilities."

It used to be that as people aged, their opportunities diminished. That's why more than 50 years ago, AARP founder Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus set out to protect the health and well-being of older Americans — and help them adapt and reimagine themselves, as a life stage called “retirement” was becoming more prevalent.

But today, most older adults don’t want to be defined by age.

Today people age-50+ (as well as those nearing 50) don’t want to live in fear that their hopes, dreams, goals and desires will become more limited with age. Instead, we know that as we grow older, our possibilities — for financial security, good health, meaningful work, discovery and even romance — can’t be less; they must be ageless.

For these reasons and more, AARP is committed to helping people adapt to a life reimagined in this new stage of “real possibilities.”

As an advocate, mentor and trusted adviser rolled into one, AARP helps older adults identify and achieve the “real possibilities” for living their best lives. For examples of how we do that, follow the links below: