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Regional Policy Options to Support Sustainable and Equitable Development


Regional groups like Metropolitan Planning Organizations and Councils of Government are recognizing the benefits of targeting infrastructure, housing, and economic development investments in a coordinated fashion to support what the Center for Housing Policy calls “location-efficient areas.” This report, by the Center, shares ideas for policy options regional officials can use to encourage equitable, location-efficient growth. Such policies can provide equitable access to public transit, minimize displacement of existing residents, increase the diversity and vitality of communities, and advance public health goals.

Key Points

This report, funded by the Fund for the Environment and Urban Life, provides detailed examples of policy options available to accomplish these objectives. Major benefits of these policies include savings on public infrastructure costs, reductions in energy use, increased ridership on public transit, and economic growth from the clustering of people, jobs, and businesses. Policy options available for regions include:

  1. Providing financial support to enable communities to plan for and implement higher-density development in targeted areas near transit or other amenities.
  2. Democratizing access to a robust set of data to enable local jurisdictions to prepare for sustainable development.
  3. Planning for new development to support the region’s shared vision for growth.
  4. Facilitating coordination among jurisdictions or across agencies to raise and/or leverage revenue

How to Use

Equitable, sustainable development can benefit a community in a number of ways. Policy makers and regional officials can use this report to generate ideas for the creation of location-efficient communities.

View full report: Regional Policy Options to Support Sustainable and Equitable Development (PDF – 413 KB)

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