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How to Create a Livable Community

AARP Livable Communities works with AARP state offices and local leaders and residents to help ensure that towns, cities and communities nationwide are livable for people of all ages. Toward achieving that goal, we create and manage programs, tool kits, how-to guides and a collection of easy-to-use and understand printed and online materials.

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Find information and inspiration for local leaders at

Where We Live

Two titles, each with more than 100 ideas and solutions from America's community leaders. Read the books online or order the free paperback books

Roadmap to Livability

Coming Soon: A collection of six workbooks full of strategies and solutions that make a community great for people of all ages

... or go directly to our A-Z Archives

Find subject-based lists and links about housing, transportation, placemaking and more

Walk Audit Kits

Two guides for conducting or leading a safety audit of streets and sidewalks

The Poster

Ready to download in various sizes in English, Spanish, French, Chinese and Korean

Fact Sheets

11 easy-to-understand, subject-based, award-winning livability resources

Pop-Up Tool Kit

When done right, temporary livability projects can lead to permanent change

Livable Lingo: Our Livability Glossary

Planners, policy makers, politicians and assorted livability pros often use these terms. Here’s what each means so you can talk the talk.

The AARP HomeFit Guide and Worksheets

Learn how to make a home safe, comfortable and a great fit (in English or Spanish)

AARP Disaster Recovery Tool Kit

The calm after the storm can lead to greater livability for people of all ages

The 8 Domains of Livability: An Introduction

Communities of all sizes can use this framework to become more livable

The 8 Domains of Livability: 16 Case Studies

Two examples from each domain provide information and inspiration

The Imagining Livability Design Collection

A visual portfolio of tools, techniques and transformations

5 Questions for ... Interview Series

Q&As with policy makers, planners, experts (such as Vision Zero pro Leah Shahum) and more

5 Questions for ... Mayors and Managers

Creating livable communities is a local effort for mayors, municipal managers and executives

Livability in Action Slideshows

See the kinds of features and services that make a home and community livable for people of all ages

Livable Lessons and Promising Practices

Field-tested livability how-to's, strategies and replicable solutions for big projects and small

Preferences Survey

According to this AARP survey, older adults want to age in place — with as little help as possible

The Livability Economy

A report and infographic explain how livable communities are good for people and business

The Community Survey

Use this template (available in English or Spanish) to learn what people think about where they live

AARP Public Policy Institute

Policies about issues including land use, transportation, housing and broadband facilitate aging in place

AARP Livable Research

AARP researchers gather information about housing, transportation, communities and more. Read the results