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Community Planning Website


This site was developed as a resource for citizens who seek to work with professionals in the community planning process. Though the site has a definite international presence, the local planner will find it imminently practical for the U.S. With robust resources, this site can be especially helpful for community planners and local leaders seeking ways to provide practical resources to connect professional and private efforts.

Key Points

The site is designed to educate the beginner on what to know and what to do. Navigation options include community planning principles, scenarios, methods, case studies, policies and law, a toolbox with helpful forms and timetables, consultants, contacts in community planning, funding for community planning, opportunities, projects, publications and films, websites, and special features (UK policy plans and practices). In particular, the site educates the local citizen about community planning principles and issues for consideration.

How to Use

The U.S. planner will want to use the website for two reasons. First, to stay informed of what community planning principles and projects are working internationally. Europe’s livable community initiatives are often later adopted and implemented in the United States. Second, the community planner should consider using as a possible template for creating their own local resource to educate the public on community planning principles and practices.

View website: Community Planning website

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