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There’s No Place Like Home – For Growing Old: Tips from the National Institute on Aging


The National Institute on Aging organized this tip sheet to encourage older adults to start thinking about their future needs now, while they are still able to plan for and organize them. It may seem simple, but being prepared may be all that is needed for older adults to age in place.

Key Points

This guide provides information on the kinds of help older adults might want to look for in their community, as well as where to go for more information and resources. Some common services that older adults often need in order to age in place include personal care, homemaking activities (e.g., cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry), cooking and meal organization, money management, and health care, amongst others. Other things to consider are finding products to make life easier, considering transportation and mobility options (both inside and outside of the house), and determining what housing alterations might make living safer and easier.

Other guide highlights include:

  1. Resources: People you know, community and local government resources, geriatric care managers, and federal government sources (e.g., Medicare website, the National Institute on Aging, the Eldercare locator).
  2. Cost: First determine what services are needed, then consider the cost of these services. Information on benefits can be found at and

How to Use

This document is a guide for seniors hoping to age in place. It provides resources on where to go for more information. Local planners and officials can use this information to educate themselves, as well as residents in their area.

View full report: There’s No Place Like Home – For Growing Old: Tips from the National Institute on Aging (PDF – 229 KB)

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