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National Senior Citizens Law Center


The National Senior Citizens Law Center’s (NSCLC) principal mission is to protect the health and economic security of low-income seniors, and persons with disabilities, through advocacy, litigation, and the education and counseling of local advocates.

Key Points

NSCLC priority areas include health care, economic security, and federal rights. Beyond providing information on these specific priorities, the NSCLC website also provides details on where consumers can find help, events and reports that might be of interest to advocates, and case study examples that showcase the work that NSCLC is doing.

How to Use

The NSCLC website is a great place for local planners and officials to visit in order to obtain information on how to become more educated about better protecting the rights of low-income older adults in their area. The events showcased, as well as the wide array of fact sheets, articles, and case studies provide insightful information that both raise and answer important questions.

View the website: National Senior Citizens Law Center