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Hanley Wood 'Home for Life' Tool

Virtual home tour shows you how to remodel and live with a comfortable retirement in mind

Do you dream of staying in the home you love long into your retirement years? 

Many of us share that dream but don’t think to make important changes early on so that our home is more livable as we age.  The Hanley Wood “Home for Life” tool helps you prepare.  Learn how to remodel your home so that you can save money, yet still live throughout retirement in safety and comfort.

Hanley Wood

Hanley Wood

Before some necessary renovations, your home may not be suitable for "aging in place." But after those cost-effective remodeling projects, it’s ready for your retirement.

The photo-realistic online virtual tour focuses on the needs of a hypothetical couple. They have been married almost 40 years and have decided to continue living in their home after retirement so they can remain near their friends, family and community services. The tour shows how you can:

  • Adapt a home for aging in place
  • Incorporate universal design into any renovation
  • Lower heating and cooling costs for years through energy-efficient home improvements
  • Save money and hassle over time through choosing low-maintenance materials and products.

The tour features before-and-after photos for cost-effective remodeling projects including a kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom and front entrance. Try the tool and find out how you can get started preparing your home for a happier retirement.


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