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Reconnecting America Website


Reconnecting America is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping community planners and leaders find ways to incorporate smart transit planning for livable communities. As the population of older adults continues to increase, the need for transportation options and driving alternatives becomes more significant. Reconnecting America is a founding partner for Transportation for America, as well as the Center for Transit-Oriented Development (CTOD). Community planners and local leaders should use the Reconnecting America website as a resource to gather information on planning efforts being made across the country that are improving community connectivity.

Key Points

The site provides a robust source of information and news regarding transportation planning within smart growth and livability initiatives. Users should immediately visit the What We Do section and explore resources under the following categories: technical assistance, policy, education, and webinars. This will help provide a greater overview of the type of help Reconnecting America provides to local planning efforts. The Resource Center section of the site allows users to search best transportation planning practices relating to transit oriented development and livable communities. Finally, users should note that the News Center page has a host of information in the form of blogs, videos and downloadable reports.

How to Use

Community planners and local leaders searching for an organization that can help them solve transportation challenges as they relate to transit initiatives should visit Reconnecting America. In it, they will not only discover a good potential partner resource, but many resources of information regarding best practices, news, and transit challenges and solutions. It is a good starting place for determining what transit solutions will work best for your community and fit your budget.

View the website: Reconnecting America

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