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National Complete Streets Coalition


More than half of older Americans say they would walk and bike more often if the built environment was improved. The National Complete Streets Coalition’s goal is to change the way streets are planned, designed, and constructed in communities to make them safe and accessible for everyone, regardless of age or mode of transportation. The National Complete Streets Coalition website offers useful advice and guidance for planners and community leaders seeking to implement complete streets in their area.

Key Points

The Introduction to Complete Streets presentation featured on the Coalition website provides information on the importance of establishing complete streets, the benefits complete streets offer to all community members, key elements of a complete streets policy, and specific results of successful complete streets policies. In addition to discussing local policies, the Coalition brings attention to the need for a federal complete streets policy that will encourage all communities to reconstruct and improve roads and streets to make them safer and more user friendly. Fact sheets and resources are provided through the Coalition’s website that emphasize the numerous benefits of complete streets, as well as steps for implementation. “Complete streets transform the way transportation serves the American people by creating more choices, shortening travel times, and encouraging less carbon-intensive transportation.”

Other Coalition website highlights include:

  1. Elements of an ideal complete streets policy: Includes all modes of transportation, emphasizes connectivity, sets performance standards, and includes implementation steps, as well as other things.
  2. The City of New Haven Complete Streets Design Manual: Listed as a resource on the website this manual provides a comprehensive snapshot of the initiatives and projects New Haven, CT has implemented to establish complete streets throughout the city in order to make streets safer for all road users.

How to Use

The reports, presentations, and design guidance provided under the Resources section of the website can be used by planners and community leaders to gain an understanding of how to plan and implement complete streets, and to see what other areas are doing to improve road design and make communities more livable for all residents. The National Complete Streets Coalition website is a useful resource for planners and local officials seeking information on the health and economic benefits complete streets offer and how they can create effective complete streets policies in their communities.

View the website: National Complete Streets Coalition

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