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Nevada State Plan on Aging – 2008-2012


Nevada is expected to have a 264 percent increase in its 65+ population between 2000 and 2030. This is the highest growth rate of older adults in the nation. Reasons for this senior population growth include in-migration of retirees and aging of the existing population. In preparation for this booming senior population, the Nevada Division for Aging Services produced and submitted this four-year state aging plan to meet the requirements of the Older Americans Act.

Key Points

The plan focuses on the impact of the growing senior population on many community aspects in Nevada such as transportation needs, housing requirements, and healthcare costs, among other things. The main goal in creating this plan is meet the needs of Nevada’s seniors and establish and maintain an environment that enables them to be self-sufficient, independent, and safe.

Other plan highlights include:

  1. According to U.S. Census Bureau data, approximately 38 percent of older Nevadans age 65+ have a disability that creates difficulty in accessing needed services. 
  2. The Division for Aging Services collaborates with Nevada Medicaid and the State Housing Division to increase affordable housing options for older Nevadans that will allow them to age in place.
  3. Transportation services are critically important for senior Nevadans living in rural parts of the state because many of these communities do not have adequate infrastructure to provide seniors with the services they need to maintain independent living. 
  4. To improve seniors’ access to public transportation, the Division for Aging Services works directly with the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) to improve integration between rural and urban transportation services.

How to Use

This State Plan on Aging provides an in-depth discussion of the overarching goals of the Nevada Division of Aging Services and how it plans to accommodate the needs of its growing older adult population in order to ensure Nevadans will have the ability to age in place regardless of where they live. Planners and local government officials can use this plan to gain an understanding of Nevada’s proactive planning efforts intended to meet the service needs of its older population.

View full report: Nevada State Plan on Aging – 2008-2012 (PDF – 6.7 MB)

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