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10 Most Livable Neighborhoods in the U.S.

Discover the best places in the country to reside

  • Two women eating in a cafe, livable neighborhoods, Upper West Side, Manhattan
    Michael Rubenstein

    Embracing Life at Its Fullest

    En español | What does it take to be a top-10 neighborhood? Proximity to jobs helps. Plenty of housing, especially apartments and condos. Amenities of all kinds that are easy to reach. Healthy lifestyles are a big plus. All factors built into the Livability Index come into play. Not every top neighborhood scores well in every category: Crime is a problem in some, traffic in others. But these neighborhoods have special qualities that help them rise to the top of our list.

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  • Busy city street, Livable Neighborhoods Mifflin West, Madison, Wisconsin
    Courtesy Focal Flame Photography/Greater Madison Convention & Visitors Bureau

    Mifflin West, Madison, Wis.

    Condos and apartments blend with single-family houses in this eclectic neighborhood within walking distance of parks, lakes, shopping, a performing arts center, the state Capitol and all the university amenities. Minimal congestion, frequent buses. High voting rate.

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  • Two people running in Central Park West, Livable Neighborhoods Upper West Side, Manhattan
    Christian Heeb/laif/Redux

    Upper West Side, Manhattan

    Great restaurants, world-class culture, easy access to gyms and Central Park jogging paths. Expensive housing, but a walkable neighborhood with cheap and convenient mass transit. Multigenerational community.  

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  • View of Downtown Crossing, Livable neighborhood, Downtown Crossing, Boston
    Denise Chambers

    Downtown Crossing, Boston

    A shopping district in transition to more mixed use with high-rise residences. Adjacent to Boston Common (and all of its recreational amenities), the theater district and the financial district. Stations for three main rail lines are nearby. Some streets are for pedestrians only.

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  • Urban Garden, Livable Neighborhoods  South of Market, San Francisco
    Preston Gannaway

    South of Market, San Francisco

    Residents of this health-conscious neighborhood have low obesity and smoking rates and abundant options for nutritious food. It’s close to downtown and has a burgeoning arts scene. LGBT-friendly  

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  • Mississippi River Granddad Bluff Park view, Livable Neighborhoods La Crosse, Wisconsin
    RosaIreneBetancourt 8 / Alamy

    Washburn, La Crosse, Wis.

    Low-density mix of apartments and single-family homes close to a number of universities and a retail district. Midwest-nice neighborhood with low crime, excellent air quality, low speed limits and above-average high school graduation rates.

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  • Skyline of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Livable Neighborhoods Sioux Falls, South Dakota
    Danita Delimont/Getty Images

    Downtown, Sioux Falls, S.D.

    The hub of this fast-growing midsize city features a mix of small-town and big-city characteristics: affordable multifamily housing, high-quality health care, low levels of income inequality.  

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  • Man shoveling sown, Livable Neighborhoods, Virginia, Minnesota
    Mark Sauer/Mesabi Daily News/AP Images

    Southside, Virginia, Minn.

    Traffic-free living in a small-town community in the Iron Range with affordable single-family homes and hockey-crazy residents. The area is known for community engagement, voluntarism and an emphasis on education.

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  • A street fair, Livable Neighborhoods Bismark, North Dakota
    Courtesy Bismarck-Mandan Convention & Visitors Bureau

    Downtown, Bismarck, N.D.

    Low unemployment, high civic involvement, good prospects for upward mobility in state capital energized by fracking boom. Mix of multifamily and single-family housing with monthly costs well below the national average.

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  • People walking around Pike Place Market, Livable Neighborhood Seattle
    Courtesy Howard Frisk/Visit

    Downtown, Seattle

    Healthy foods, a walkable neighborhood, access to parks and low smoking rates help keep residents out of hospitals for preventable conditions. Strong mix of residential, retail, office and cultural uses.

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  • Ashley Pond, Livable Neighborhoods Los Alamos, New Mexico
    Jebb Harris/The Orange County Register/

    Downtown, Los Alamos, N.M.

    Main street atmosphere, fresh air, clean water and gorgeous scenery at 7,355 feet. Economic opportunity is high, crime is low and good-paying jobs are within a short commute by car. Good entertainment options.

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Use the  AARP Livability Index tool to see where your neighborhood or favorite city ranks

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