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The availability, affordability and variety of housing options support the widely held desire to remain in their communities as they age.

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Preparing Homes for Life’s Changes

We expect our homes to last a lifetime, through all the joys and milestones. AARP collaborated with Lowe’s to ensure the needs of everyone who calls a place home can live comfortably at any life stage.

AARP Collaborating with REALTORS® to Educate Homebuyers about Finding Livable Neighborhoods

Integrating the AARP Livability Index: Great Neighborhoods for All Ages tool into the Realtors Property Resource® website and mobile app makes it easier for REALTORS® to help clients consider a variety of needs, including aging, when searching for a home.

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The Village Model: Current Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities

The Village model is a consumer-driven model that aims to promote aging in place for community-dwelling older adults.

Preserving Affordability and Access in Livable Communities

Subsidized housing opportunities near transit and the 50+ population.

Future of Housing

The AARP Public Policy Institute explores strategies to address the senior housing crisis.

Housing Accessibility

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Housing accessibility is determined by whether housing can accommodate people of all ages and abilities, and is crucial to the majority of Americans who say they would like to remain in their homes as they age.

The expected growth of the older population between 2010 and 2050 (from 40 million and 13 percent of the population to 89 million and 20 percent of the population) means that more housing suitable for older adults will be in demand. Policymakers must act now to ensure an adequate supply of accessible housing.

Housing Affordability & Choice

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Housing affordability determines whether individuals and families can live in a neighborhood without sacrificing other basic necessities such as health care. Low-income individuals and people living on a fixed income feel the effects of the nation’s affordable housing crisis acutely. Communities with a variety of housing options attract households of diverse sizes and income levels. They also support an individual’s choice to age in their home, in the community or in assisted living.

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