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AARP Walk Audit Tool Kit (and Leader Guide)

Using these downloadable resources, a resident, group or community leader can survey and report on the safety and walkability of a street, intersection or neighborhood

Covers of the AARP Walk Audit Tool Kit and Leader Guide

Follow the links below to download these printable tool kits.

AARP Walk Audit Tool Kit

Download the walk audit tool kit, a step-by-step self-service guide for assessing a community's walkability.

After driving, walking is the most popular mode of transportation in the United States. However, in many towns, cities and neighborhoods, the only way to get around is by car because walking is just too dangerous.

The AARP Walk Audit Tool Kit has been created to help individuals, groups and local leaders assess the walkability of the sidewalks and streets in their community.

The walk audit download provides step-by-step instructions and checklists for examining intersections, sidewalks, driver behavior, public safety and more. Since the survey is user-directed, the walk audit can take as little or as much time as desired by, say, spending 15 minutes at one busy corner or devoting several hours to documenting several roadways in a neighborhood.

The documented results can be shared with elected officials and other local leaders when advocating for such safe streets features as sidewalks, crosswalks and properly timed traffic lights.

The AARP Walk Audit Tool Kit Leader Guide shown below describes how to plan for and manage a larger-scale community walk audit and workshop event.

AARP Walk Audit Tool Kit Leader Guide

Download the walk audit leader guide to learn how to host a walkability workshop and community walk audit.

Make Your Community More Walkable

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Published 2016

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